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Simmered Corn Soaking and Transfer System: custom designed
for your plant & process

Corn Soak/Transfer Systems

Receiver Tank
This tank receives corn from one or more simmer kettles so new batches of corn can begin cooking without delay. A water spray flushes corn from the tank as it is being pumped to the soak tanks. Flushing water flows automatically when the transfer pump starts and is controlled by a timer in the simmer/soak control panel. The stainless steel tank has smooth internal seams and a cone bottom for complete draining. A drain valve and top acces hatch are included.
Simmered Corn Transfer Piping
Simmered corn is gently pumped through stainless steel tubing from the receiver tank to the soak tanks. Three-way valves above each tank allow corn to be distributed to any tank in the soaking system.
Soak Tanks
To save floor space, soak tanks are mounted on a stationary, elevated platform specially designed to fit your plant layout. Saok tanks are made of stainless steel with smooth internal seams and cone bottoms for fast, complete draining. roll-around tanks are also available.
Soaked Corn Transfer Piping
After Soaking, corn is pumped to the washer through a stainless steel header. Valves at the bottom of each tank allow fast, complete draining and can be manually or automatically operated. Flexible tubing connects each soak tank to the header.
Corn Transfer Pumps
Separate pumps transfer corn to and from the soak tanks. Each stainless steel pump has a special impellor for gentle transfer of corn. The pump and motor are mounted on a stainless steel base and include a coupling guard, relief valve and sanitary fittings.

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Corn Soak/Transfer Systems

Simmered Corn Soaking and Transfer System: custom designed<br>for your plant & process
Model SCSTS  

After simmering and cooling, corn is immediately pumped into soak tanks. This loosens the hulls and produces corn with the desired moisture content and texture for milling.

Corn Transfer and Soaking Systems are custom designed for your unique plant layout and processing requirements. Choose from manual, semi-automatic or fully automated programmable controller systems. Each gives you the precise, adjustable control to dupliate your process exactly withing each batch, and from batch to batch.

Each system includes a painted steel soak tank platform that supports the soak tanks and transfer piping. The platforms are custom designed to fit your production area . A stairway, guardrails and non-slip walkways are included. Fiberglass walkways or all-stainless steel contruction are also avialable.

Accessories & Options
Corn Handling and Simmering System
Optional stainless steel or fiberglass walkways
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Corn Soak/Transfer Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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