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Produce reduced-fat, fat-free and regular fried foods
on the same production line

Low-Fat Stripping System: Enlargement

Reduce fat naturually
Now you can control the fat content of your products. Without using solvents, the Low-Fat Stripper lets you control the final fat content of potato chips, french fries and other fried foods. The Stripper is also recommended for foods fried in the fat-free cooking oil OleanŽ.
Multi-product flexibility
Fill orders for reduced-fat, fat-free and regular fried foods using the same processing system. Choose from low capacity batch strippers for pilot plant or product development to continuous production units for up to 5,000 finished lbs./hr. of potato chips.
Fits existing lines
Use your existing equipment for product unloading, preparation, frying and packaging. The Low-Fat Stripper integrates with your existing fryer to produce reduced-fat and fat-free products, and serves as a transfer conveyor when frying regular product.
Clean-in-place spray system thoroughly sanitizes all internal surfaces, with no disassembly required.
The OleanŽ machine
When frying products in the fat-free cooking oil OleanŽ, the Stripper is recommended to remove excess OleanŽ from product surfaces.

Low-Fat Stripping System: detail #1
Inside the Low-Fat Stripper
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Low-Fat Stripping System

Produce reduced-fat, fat-free and regular fried foods<br>on the same production line
Model LFSS  

The Low-Fat Stripping system can be used to produce fat-free, low-fat and regular fried foods using your existing frying system.

Inside the Low-Fat Stripper (lower center):

1. High volume fans circulate the stripping atmosphere.

2. Steam is added to reduce the atmosphere’s oxygen content to preserve cooking oil quality. To maintain this low-oxygen environment, finished product is discharged through a rotary air lock.

3. Atmosphere is heated by a steam or thermal fluid heat exchanger.

4. As product is conveyed through the stripper, the atmosphere flows through the product pack to remove surface oil.

5. Oil separators remove stripped oil from the atmosphere. Oil is returned to the fryer for reuse.

Accessories & Options
Belt-Type flavor despenser
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Low-Fat Stripping Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.

Heat and Control supplies the complete system, plus worldwide parts and technical support.
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