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Unique thermal fluid heated design delivers
uniform cooking and simple cleaning

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Uniform oil heating
U-tube heat exchanger uniformly heats oil throughout the fryer so product is cooked equally and with even color.
Cooking oil moves freely between heating tubes, promoting uniform heat transfer across the width and length of the fryer.
Uniform heating eliminates oil currents that force product to one side of the fryer, preventing coating damage and uneven product transfer.
Thermal fluid volume is minimal. It circulates rapidly so cooking oil temperature adjusts quickly to changes in product load.

Simple sanitation
Generous spacing between heating tubes facilitates cleaning and eliminates areas where fines can hide.
Elevated design provides access for cleaning beneath the fryer.

Reliable operation
Heat exchanger tubes move independently to prevent thermal stress damage.
Heavy-duty construction for high-volume continuous production.

Models for prepared foods and snacks

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Unique U-tube design uniformly heats cooking oil, uses minimal thermal fluid and improves durability.

Open spacing between tubes eliminates areas where fines accumulate and cause overheating and sanitation problems.
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MasterTherm Fryer

Unique thermal fluid heated design delivers<br>uniform cooking and simple cleaning
Model MTF  

Fry it all uniformly, evenly and efficiently. MasterTherm cooks each piece of product at the same temperature for consistently uniform color and texture. Its unique design evenly heats cooking oil, improves durability, and simplifies sanitation.

Range of standard sizes:
Fry lengths are available from 10 to 32 feet in 2 foot increments (3.05 to 9.76 meters in 0.6 meter increments).

Conveyor widths in 28, 30", 36", and 42" (71, 76, 91, and 107 cm).

Custom sizes available.

Accessories & Options
Multiple temperature zones for custom cooking profiles
Continuous fines removal for products that generate excessive fines
Oil Mist Eliminator removes oil from stack emissions
Stack heat recovery system utilizes heat for sanitation and other uses
Automatic oil level control system
PLC control system
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MasterTherm Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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