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Reduce installation time of continuous fryer systems 75% or more
with no extra costs

Fryer Support Module

Complete, compact system
Module centralizes all fryer support equipment into one smaller footprint.
Smart design
Designed for your fryer and plant layout, a support module can include the heat exchanger, oil filters, pumps, storage tank, oil cooler and flow control valves, all fully piped and wired to single-point utility connections.
Fast, simple installation
Simply set the support module in place and connect your fryer and utilities. Built by the same experts who manufacture your fryer, the support module eliminates errors and delays caused by inexperienced contractors.
Energy efficient
Located beside your fryer, the support module eliminates the necessity to insulate long piping runs.
Simplify maintenance
Abundant space around the support module provides complete access to all components to facilitate inspection, maintenance and sanitation.

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Cost-effective modules are available for remote-located heat exchangers.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Fryer Support Module

Reduce installation time of continuous fryer systems 75% or more<br>with no extra costs
Model FSM  

Customize your support module to fit your fryer and plant layout. Support modules can include all components necessary for fryer operation. Available in steel or sanitary stainless steel construction.

Accessories & Options
Primary oil filter, secondary oil filter
Main oil circulation pump, oil transfer pumps
Heat exchanger
Oil storage tank, oil cooler, oil collection pan, oil flow control piping/valves
Clean-in-place piping/valves, piping for fresh oil, used oil, and/or water
Compressed air
Steam train (for steam heat exchanger)
Control panel, electrical controls
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Fryer Support Modules can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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