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Less oil, clean operation and astonishing control mark
the future of oil roasting

HeatWaveŽ Oil roaster: Enlargement

Cleanest oil
Only clean, filtered oil contacts your product. Fines are quickly removed from the fryer, while 100% of the system oil volume circulates through a filter within seconds.
Big oil savings
HeatWave has the lowest oil volume of any continuous oil roaster. Optimal oil turnover produces foods with the freshest flavor and longest shelf life.
Total control
Adjust oil curtains for custom cooking profiles or a completely uniform temperature throughout the oil roaster with no delta-T.
Cleanest operation
Fines are removed from the fryer as soon as oil passes over your products. Oil flow and the conveyor belt continuously clean fines from the fryer pan preventing hard-to-clean accumulations and oil damage.
Maximum versatility
Roasts with oil curtains or use water for blanching.

HeatWaveŽ Oil roaster: detail #1
Returning product conveyor belt removes fines from the full width of the oil pan.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

HeatWaveŽ Oil roaster

Less oil, clean operation and astonishing control mark<br>the future of oil roasting
Model HWF OR  

HeatWave is simply the greatest advance in oil roasting since continuous oil filtration and external heating.

This breakthrough design roasts nuts with curtains of clean filtered oil, and immediately removes fines to produce the highest product quality and cleanest operation of any nut oil roaster.

Curtains of oil transfer heat more efficiently than submersion. Oil passes over the product and through the conveyor, quickly carrying fines out of the fryer. Oil flow and the wiping action of the conveyor belt clean fines from the full width of the pan, while the total system oil volume circulates through a filter within seconds.

Accessories & Options
Continuous paper filter
Drum pre-filter
Fryer support module
Oil mist eliminator
Oil storage tank
Oil transfer pump
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HeatWaveŽ Oil roasters can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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