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Continuous filtration of frying oil for superior snacks,
french fries and coated foods

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Clean operation
Fines are continuously removed from frying oil by a revolving metal-mesh drum and discharge conveyor.
Longer oil life
Oil stays fresh longer because 100% of the fryer system oil volume is filtered once every minute, depending on application.
Superior product quality
Products taste fresher and have a longer shelf life because this efficient filter limits free fatty acid levels to a minimum.
No paper to replace
Oil is filtered by durable stainless steel mesh. If required, additional “oil polishing” can be accomplished with our Continuous Paper or Belt Filters, yielding significant savings over paper-only filtration.
USDA approved models are available.

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Drum Pre-Filter: detail #1
Drum Pre-Filters are available in standard sizes (above), aird tight inert gas-purged models (top of page), or custom designs.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Drum Pre-Filter

Continuous filtration of frying oil for superior snacks,<br>french fries and coated foods
Model DPF  

Custom-sized for each fryer, Drum Pre-Filters are available for filtering up to 5,000 GPM frying oil with screen sizes to suit your application.

Simple installation: Mounted to the main oil circulating pump inlet, the Drum Pre-Filter requires no auxiliary pumps or piping.

Drum Pre-Filters are easily installed on existing single and multi-stage fryers.

Removable covers provice complete access to filter drum.

Drum Pre-Filters can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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