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Continuously removes particles as
small as 250 microns

KleenSweep® Centrifugal Separation System

Eliminates restrictions in oil flow to the main pump preventing cavitation
The drum filter is integrated into the fryer’s main oil outlet and does not restrict the full-flow of oil from the fryer into the main oil circulating pump.
Operates with low oil volume
The KleenSweep operates with minimal oil volume and causes no oil-degrading aeration.
Self-cleaning. No filter belts, bags or drawers.
KleenSweep filters are self-cleaning, eliminating the need for messy filter belts, bags and drawers. Usable oil is continuously recovered without the use of compression chambers, which can cause fines to re-enter the oil stream.
No compression chambers to force fines back into the oil
Requires minimal floor space
USDA approved models avialable

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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

KleenSweep® Centrifugal Separation System

Continuously removes particles as<br>small as 250 microns
Model KSS  

This full-flow filtration system continuously removes fines from fryers producing snacks, french fries and prepared foods. The uncomplicated design of the KleenSweep provides reliable, efficient operation with minimal maintenance.

KleenSweep operation is simple. All oil from the fryer flows unrestricted to the main circulation pump and passes through the separator, where fines are centrifugally removed from the oil stream. Filtered oil from the top of the separator flows to the heat exchanger for reheating and returns to the fryer. Fines-laden oil from the bottom of the separator is discharged into a drum filter, which separates the fines and returns the clean oil to the circulation system.

KleenSweep oil filters are available for all sizes of new and existing fryers producing snacks, batter-coated and breaded products.

KleenSweep® Centrifugal Separation Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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