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Expand your snack business using the latest technology in
continuous pellet snack fryers

HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryer: Enlargement

Patented oil curtain frying
HeatWave is the most advanced technology for continuous fry-popping of low capacities of pellet snacks. Instead of submerging pellets, HeatWave expands them with multiple curtains of oil, operating with a dramatically lower oil volume than conventional fryers.
Superior product quality
Oil curtains produce snacks with a superior texture. Rapid use of the low oil volume assures a fresh flavor.
Clean operation
Oil continuously passes through a strainer basket for large particle removal. Rugged stainless steel construction includes a lift-off hood for complete cleaning access.
Energy efficient
HeatWave’s energy-efficient design is available with 220v or 440v electric heating.
Simple control
Oil temperature, frying time and oil pump operation are fully adjustable from an easy-to-use control panel, pre-wired and mounted on the fryer.

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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryer

Expand your snack business using the latest technology in<br>continuous pellet snack fryers
Model HWF-E  

Heat and Control supports you with the most efficient snack machinery and services.

Accessories & Options
Canister filter with replaceable filter elements for continuous fines removal
Seasoning applicators
Product de-oiling system
Pellet feeder
Ishida weighers, checkweighers, snack baqmakers & flexible strip-pack bagmaker
CEIA metal detectors
Ishida X-ray inspection system
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HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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