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Create the optimal conveyor for grading, alignment, dewatering,
spreading, and bi-directional conveying

Customized Vibratory Conveyors: Enlargement

Convey in two directions
Instantly alternate conveying direction for product distribution or accumulation using one space-saving direct drive conveyor.
Simple sanitation
One-piece stainless steel pans with large-radius corners are easily cleaned. Open support frames and columns facilitate cleaning of floors.
Application-specific drives:
Infinitely variable speed handles dry, wet, free and non-free flowing products for sorting, spreading, laning, fines removal, and straight conveying. Underslung frame and flexures are narrower than the conveyor pan and perfect for tight installations where floor space is limited. This low maintenance drive requires no lubrication.
Fixed speed provides efficient transfer, dewatering, spreading, laning, and fines removal for a single product type. Underslung design saves floor space.
Ideal for fixed-speed sorting, grading, and bi-directional conveying, our direct drive conveyors two out of balance motors and are suspended from a floor-mounted frame or ceiling.

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Customized Vibratory Conveyors: detail #1
Grading conveyors with direct drives. See video>>
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Customized Vibratory Conveyors

Create the optimal conveyor for grading, alignment, dewatering, <br>spreading, and bi-directional conveying


Our customized vibratory conveyors are designed specifically for the food industry. Rugged, sanitation-friendly construction delivers years of reliable, low-maintenance operation. Multiple options for drives, supports, pan configurations, and accessories help you customize your vibratory conveyor for more products and operations than ever before.

Heat and Control supports you with conveyor design, demonstrations, installation, parts, service and training. Plus we supply equipment for both ends of your conveyor line, including food processing, seasoning, weighing, bagmaking, inspection, and packaging machinery, and data management systems.

Accessories & Options
Stainless steel or epoxy-painted steel support structures
Multiple lane pans
Single and multiple screening sections
One-touch pneumatic lock secures multiple screens
Open and closed pans
Catch-pans for water & fines
Belt, bucket & horizontal motion conveyors
Accessory Questions >>

Customized Vibratory Conveyors can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Demonstration Centers worldwide.
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