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Elevate, lower or horizontally convey free-flowing
products in wet or dry conditions

Varilift® Bucket Conveyor

The perfect fit
Can fit in tight installtion areas and discharge product from any point under the horizontal section
Quiet, reliable operation
Drive chains are silently guided by rails, with no sprockets between bends. Automatic chain tensioner minimizes wear by maintaining minimal tension.
Clean conveying
Varilift’s unique infeed system eliminates gaps between buckets to prevent product loss. Non-spill buckets remain upright after dumping, while an infeed leveler prevents product loss. Quick release one-piece polypropylene buckets simplify cleaning.
Auto-stop buckets
Buckets automatically stop if overloaded or jammed. Anti roll-back feature prevents buckets from running backwards if the conveyor is turned off while buckets are loaded.
Modular construction
Composed of interchangeable modules, the Varilift can be added to or reconfigured to suit expansion or changes in your production line.

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Varilift® Bucket Conveyor

Elevate, lower or horizontally convey free-flowing<br>products in wet or dry conditions
Model VARI  

Varilift conveyors fit even the tightest installations. Choose from S, C or horizontal configurations with buckets that can discharge at any point under the horizontal run. Optional multiple infeed and discharge points allow you to accept and deliver product to more than one location.

Accessories & Options
Multiple infeed and discharge points
Clean-in-place system
Tip-To-Clean™ buckets
Stop-start anti-jam system
Stainless steel construction
Variable speed drive
Polycarbonate covers
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Varilift® Bucket Conveyors can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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