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Reduce chip oil content and increase the flexibility of your batch fryer line

Automatic Heated Centrifuge: Enlargement

New spin on de-oiling
Batches of just-fried chips are carefully conveyed into a perforated drum and rapidly spun in heated air for a preset and adjustable time. Centrifugal force removes oil before chips are discharged to a conveyor for transfer to seasoning and packaging.
Batch fryer friendly
Designed for individual or multiple batch fryers, two models are available to de-oil up to 45 or 75 pound batches of potato chips. Compact vertical design with insulated exterior panels saves space and energy.
Automatic operation
Product feed and discharge, temperature, drum acceleration, deceleration and spin time are adjustable and can be automatically managed by a programmable logic controller.
Reduce breakage
A cone inside the centrifuge drum minimizes free-fall damage to incoming product. Gentle acceleration and deceleration of the drum further prevent product breakage.
Easy cleaning
Cooking oil drains to a single outlet during operation. Rugged stainless steel construction features large access doors and a clean-in-place spray manifold for connection to your cleaning system.

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Automatic Heated Centrifuge: detail #1
As chips leave the batch fryer, they are gently conveyed to the Automatic Heated Centrifuge (left).
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Automatic Heated Centrifuge

Reduce chip oil content and increase the flexibility of your batch fryer line
Model AHC  

Our Automatic Heated Centrifuge lets you produce low-oil or traditional batch fried potato chips and snacks on demand.

Reduce the oil content of batch fried potato chips to 22% or less, depending on the potatoes’ specific gravity.

Internally pre-wired and plumbed, the AHC includes a gas burner assembly, painted steel fan, clean-in-place spray manifold, discharge conveyor and operating controls. Simply connect your utilities, CIP supply system and provide exhaust stacks for operation.

Accessories & Options
Centrifuge feed conveyor
Non-heated automatic centrifuges
Oil recycling system
Product distribution conveyors
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Automatic Heated Centrifuges can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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