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Economical fryer produces superior kettle-style potato chips.

Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer: Enlargement

Versatile temperature profile
Direct gas-fired longitudinal heat transfer tubes produce a versatile and responsive temperature profile. Customize cooking conditions for different chip qualities and grades of potatoes. PLC control maintains that profile for repeatable quality.
Up to 300 lbs/hr
Standard models produce a minimum of 200 lbs / 91 kg and 300 lbs / 136 kg per hour of uniformly fried hard-bite potato chips.
Automatic slice stirring
Chip-Stirr® system automatically agitates slices during cooking and directs the finished chips to the discharge/drain conveyor. Chip-Stirr® prevents slice clusters, allows one operator to monitor multiple fryers, and assures consistent chip quality from batch to batch.
Enclosed frying area
A stainless steel hood covers the fryer and can be raised with motorized screw jacks. In addition to safety, the hood greatly reduces draft air and energy requirements compared to area hoods. It also improves oil quality by blanketing the oil surface with steam to reduce oxidation.
Oil level control
Automatic oil level control maintains a consistent oil volume in the fryer.
Rugged construction
All stainless steel construction with a heavy-gauge oil kettle. Sanitary design features a fully-enclosed combustion system.

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Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer: detail #1
Chip-Stirr moves back and forth in the pan to uniformly fry potato slices.
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Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer

Economical fryer produces superior kettle-style potato chips.
Model LDKF  

Heat and Control fryers produce most of the world’s potato chips Contact us today about a batch or continuous fryer to produce your unique brand of potato chips.

Accessories & Options
Custom designs to reduce floor space
Pan wiping conveyor
De-oiling centrifuge
Oil Mist Eliminator
Batching hopper for repeatable batch sizes
Slicer feed conveyor
Complete potato unloading, storage, preparation, seasoning, distribution, packaging, and inspection systems
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Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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