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An intelligent solution that ensures long, continuous runs on twin packaging lines

FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution: Enlargement

Responsive Proportional Feed
The patented Revolution Proportional Gate provides a continuous, proportioned product stream with lightning fast responsiveness to varying throughputs.

Simplified Sanitation
Parts do not need to be removed for cleaning because elevated weigher diverters are not required–simple wipe-and-go sanitation gives back more time for production.

Biased Weigher Feeding
Operators can bias the LRC's feeding at any angle required and constantly finetune its performance with proportional–integral–derivative feedback, allowing manufacturers to simultaneously run small and large bags with confidence.

Balanced Twin Weigher Feeding
The LRC pivoting weigher feeder consistently delivers only the amount demanded to either or both sides of the weigher.

Increased Production Time
The combination of patented Revolution Gate distribution, Double-V product stream conditioning, and LRC feeding provides unprecedented bagger runs.

Reduced Stackup Height
The reduced stackup height made possible with the LRC makes equipment easily accessible for sanitation – resulting in increased time for production and a safer work environment for operators.

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FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution: detail #1

Heat and Control's patented FastBack Revolution Proportional Gate’s advanced and integrated packaging controls, combined with a pivoting weigher-feeder design accurately delivers consistent product streams to the weigher, whether feeding only one side of the weigher or both, and can automatically adjust to biased feeding for simultaneous small and large bag production.
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FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution

Model LRC  

The FastBack Left Right Center (LRC) is a compact double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise, consistent product stream to Ishida's patented back-to-back 218 twin weigher, ensuring long, continuous, high-speed bagmaker runs for increased throughput on twin packaging lines.

The LRC combines its pivoting design with patented Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0 and Ishida's twin weigher feeders to build a viable distribution and packaging system within budget that fits a defined space and complies with regulatory standards.

The LRC has two modes of operation:
(1) Discrete Feeding: weigher feeder pivots to the left, right, or center based on call signals from the weigher.
(2) Biased Feeding: weigher feeder's initial position is determined by weigher and bagmaker setpoints and auto-adjusts to bias the product flow to improve weigher performance. This mode of operation is particularly beneficial when twin bagmakers produce large bags on one side and small bags on the other.

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FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solutions can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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