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Mixes that match

FastBack® Blending System: Enlargement

Hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells
These rugged, IP68 high-resolution load cells are tough enough for the most demanding environments.

Integrated seasoning application and tumble drum mixing
Our patented dynamic tumble drum further improves the product blend and facilitates seasoning immediately prior to packaging.

Integrated recipe-driven control system with PID feedback
The integrated, recipe-driven New Horizon operator interface terminal provides an intuitive user experience and smart, self-correcting controls for straightforward operation and dependable performance, capable of 2-4% accuracy, depending on the product.

Simple Sanitation
Quick-disconnect weight trays and wipe-and-go sanitation for FastBacks minimize cleaning time and maximize production time.

Modular design
The modular design is expandable to ten positions so a single FastBack Blending System can meet current and future requirements, as well as enables manufacturers to produce complex blends that are impossible with a blending scale (and at a fraction of the price).

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FastBack® Blending System: detail #1
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FastBack® Blending System: detail #2

Integrated recipe-driven control system with proportional-integral-derivative (PID) feedback

Integrated seasoning application and tumble drum mixing

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FastBack® Blending System

Mixes that match
Model FBS  

FastBack Blending Systems offer manufacturers the most economical, accurate, and consistent means of delivering product blends to multiple scales in a variety of environments. Manufacturers that have taken the first step of launching a successful product by creating a desirable recipe can be assured that they can produce a product with unwavering quality to win customers and to generate their loyalty.

Distinct products behave uniquely when conveyed and blended. FastBack Blending Systems achieve the complex task of producing balanced blends by providing consistent component streams, metering components with dependable accuracy, and conveying blended components without segregation–while giving operators complete and intuitive control over the entire process.

FastBack® Blending Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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