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Designed with the operator in mind

FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0: Enlargement

Simplified controls for open-close applications or for proportional feeding.
Fully closable gate so product cannot leak or cross-contaminate, resulting in less waste due to cross-contamination
Gate does not break product when it opens and closes, which reduces typical product breakage by 4+%, depending on the application.
The innovative design diverts product without creating a single pinch point, earning the reputation as the safest gate available.
An 84% reduction in parts drastically reduces potential points of failure.
Proportional, granular feeding keeps product uniform and improves packaging and on-machine seasoning performance—adding 1 to 5% improvement in overall line efficiency. No pinch points eliminate possibility of damaged product or coatings (e.g., seasoning, breading).
Sealed-for-life bearings, eliminated historically maintenance-heavy items and other items.
Robust gate which can withstand sub-freezing and washdown environments.

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FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0: detail #1
Tortilla chips in a Revolution® Proportional Gate 3

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FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0

Model FBREV 3  

FastBack's patented Revolution Proportional Gate 3.0 improves efficiency by eliminating the unnecessary. The latest design introduces various improvements while maintaining the advantages that made it the premier gate in the industry and eradicates possible causes of downtime by removing 84% of the components compared to earlier models.

The Proportional Gate 3.0's cylindrical outlet rotates to divert a proportional portion of the product so the main product supply continues to flow as it allocates amounts to individual weigher/bagger stations. Downstream stations are no longer "starved" and do not need to wait for product.

Ideal for any product which readily conveys on a FastBack, such as snack foods, frozen fruits and vegetables, confectionary, cereal, pet food, meat, and poultry (washdown version design pending), french fries (larger diameter design pending).

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FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0s can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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