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New proportional gate gives every weigher/bagger station
its fair share of product

FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gate: Enlargement

Precise control of product delivery to downstream equipment

Maximum flexibility in scheduling a packaging distribution system

Balanced product flow increases operating efficiency and productivity

No high-maintenance air lines, air cylinders or solenoids

Revolution provides every advantage, plus the unbeatable performance of FastBack conveyors, which prevent product breakage, seasoning loss, and seasoning build-up in the pan!

FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gate: detail #1
As product flows in the main distribution line, Revolution rotates to divert a portion to individual weigher/bagger stations.

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FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gate

New proportional gate gives every weigher/bagger station<br>its fair share of product
Model FBREV  

FastBack’s patented Revolution™ proportional discharge gate keeps the main product supply flowing as it allocates proportional amounts to individual weigher/bagger stations. Downstream stations are no longer "starved" or need to wait for product.

Eliminating the product damage caused by "chopping" slide gates, Revolution’s cylindrical outlet rotates to divert a portion of the main product flow. No slide gates mean no product leaks, allergen risks or hazardous pinch-points. Air lines and pneumatics have also been eliminated to reduce maintenance.

FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gates can be custom designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Demonstration Centers worldwide.
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