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Efficient, operator-friendly, and flexible snack bagmaker

Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker: Enlargement

The rotary motion INSPIRA offers a consistent, market-leading forming/sealing performance of up to 200 bags/min. Performance has been improved 10-fold by the introduction of new motor and drive technology which improves positional jaw control at the point of sealing.

With increased flavor and portion demands from the consumer market, product runs can be shorter, making changeover time a bigger factor. INSPIRA is a fast, stable, and precise snack bagmaker, perfect for any type of laminated film from thick to thin.

Operator Friendly
INSPIRA helps operators to act and to react more quickly and intuitively and to avoid complex decision-making and unnecessary physical exertion. The open structure gives operators easy access to all important parts.

Smart Communication
A key element in the overall system is Ishida's Thickness Seal Checker (TSC). Utilizing smart communications to the ACP-700 case packer and feedback communications to the INSPIRA bagmaker, the TSC continuously monitors and compares bags to the targeted value so the ACP-700 can automatically optimize the machine operation appropriately. This helps to maximize cooperation and to deliver stable operation.


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Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker: detail #1
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Error-free forming tube insertion and removal makes changing a forming tube particularly simple, involving locating one corner on the support frame and swinging the former around the location pins until it locks into place.

LED lighting within the splicing table makes the operator's task easier by allowing the quick and precise location of the registration mark needed to achieve an accurate film splice.

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Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker

Efficient, operator-friendly, and flexible snack bagmaker<br /><br />

Ishida, recognized as a dominant bagmaker manufacturer in the high-speed operation range with their industry leading Atlas series, continues to break ground with their INSPIRA Snack Bagmaker VFFS series. The result of extensive research and development, INSPIRA is the next evolution of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagmakers and further improves accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity. INSPIRA brings a new level of automation and efficiency, reducing the opportunity for human error, helping to consistently produce quality bags, and increase production.

The snack industry can rely on Ishida's high quality and performance coupled with Heat and Control's complete support and expertise.

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Accessories & Options
Case packer
High speed multihead weigher
Thickness Seal Checker
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Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmakers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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