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Economical, compact oven uniformlycooks a wide range of foods

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IMP Jr. is a compact oven that quickly and uniformly cooks many different meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable, snack, and baked foods.
Ideal for the versatile continuous cooking needs of food service kitchens, restaurants, pilot plants, and low-capacity processors, IMP Jr. is easy to use and clean.
Its patented impingement cooking process directs high-speed hot air onto both sides of food products. This process rapidly cooks foods uniformly across the conveyor width. It can also brown surfaces and create appetizing product characteristics.
Precisely adjust air temperature, air velocity, and conveyor speed from an easy-to-use touch screen control. Obtain maximum product yield with optional air moisture control.
Disassemble the oven in minutes without using tools for easy cleaning. IMP Jr. can easily be moved for cleaning away from the production area.

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AirForceŽ Impingement Oven Jr.: detail #1
Remove all parts for cleaning without using tools.
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AirForceŽ Impingement Oven Jr.

Economical, compact oven uniformlycooks a wide range of foods
Model IMP Jr.  

Compact size, easy cleaning, and versatile cooking make IMP Jr. the continuous cooking choice for food service and low-capacity production.

AirForceŽ Impingement Oven Jr.s can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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