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CEIA's conveyor and reject systems for THS metal detectors,
with modular belt

CEIA THS/MB Integrated Metal Detection System: Enlargement

Modular conveyor belt
Modular Intralox conveyor belt integrated with metal detector and ejector system.
Washdown ratings
Available in either IP69K version for high pressure, high temperature washdown or IP65 for standard washdown.
Full compliance with HACCP criteria
Integrated controls for line speed and rejection
Easy to maintain and inspect
The conveyor belt can easily be removed without the use of tools. All parts are completely reversible and modular.
Digitally adjustable belt speed

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CEIA THS/MB Integrated Metal Detection System: detail #1
Modular belt satisfies the most stringent requirements for washdown environment.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

CEIA THS/MB Integrated Metal Detection System


CEIA, the leading manufacturer of industrial metal detectors, offers a complete range of solutions for inspecting food products, both loose and packaged. In particular, the THS/MB modular belt conveyor satisfies the most stringent requirements for washdown, functionality, compact construction, accuracy and reliability of response in dealing with accidental contamination in food products.

THS/MB conveyor belts offer total integration between CEIA’s high-performance THS metal detector and an extremely hygienic structure in stainless steel, equipped with digital control of the speed and of the stages of ejection of non-conforming products.

CEIA’s THS/MB modular conveyor belts are available in a wide range of sizes covering the different application requirements.

The supporting structure, the metal detector and the belt control box are in stainless steel. The conveyor belt is certified fully compatible with food product handling, as is the optional protective cover of the ejection area, which is a single molding, and the optional bin for rejected products.

CEIA THS/MB Integrated Metal Detection Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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