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Uniform heating and precise control of cooking conditions deliver performance unmatched by any other spiral oven

Twin Drum Spiral Oven: Enlargement

360º Air Flow
Our cylindrical design circulates air in an even 360º pattern. Air flows uniformly around all sides of the conveyor, instead of from one side, as on competitive ovens. Temperatures are consistent across the full width of each conveyor tier, and from top to bottom of the drum.
Faster Cooking Times
Enhanced airflow produces uniform temperature across the belt and reduces product time in the oven.
Greater Production Output
Shorter cook times allow more product throughput.
Higher Yields
Uniform heating eliminates the need to overcook to assure all product reaches a safe core temperature.
Smart Sanitation
A fully-automated clean-in-place system reduces cleaning time and costs, while cylindrical enclosures eliminate hard-to-clean corners.
Simple Maintenance
Mechanically simpler than other ovens, all components are easily accessible and built for long term reliability.

Twin Drum Spiral Oven: detail #1
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Twin Drum Spiral Oven

Uniform heating and precise control of cooking conditions deliver performance unmatched by any other spiral oven
Model SO  

This is the only twin spiral oven providing True Two-Zone™ uniform cooking control. Other ovens enclose both spiral conveyor drums in a single housing. Even if the housing is divided, temperature and moisture seek equilibrium across the barrier to create a single compromised cooking zone.

Main Oven Features:

1. Faster, more uniform cooking by design—

Centered inside the top of the cylindrical enclosure, one fan circulates the cooking atmosphere in a 360° pattern evenly across all conveyor tiers.

-Uniform temperature across the belt
-Fast cook times
-High product yields
-Increased production output

2. True two-zone cooking control—

Venting exhaust through a central stack prevents the cooking atmosphere from migrating between zones. Steam only, dry heat, or any combination can be controlled independently in each zone without affecting the other zone.

Twin Drum Spiral Ovens can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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