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A revolution in tray sealing performance and product quality

Ishida QX-1100 Tray Sealer: Enlargement

Sealing up to 200 trays per minute
Faster cycle speeds are achieved using servo motor control, an innovative gripper arm design, more intelligent software, and the option of twin-lane configuration.
Handling different tray sizes and shapes
Tools can be rapidly built to meet any tray specification, significantly reducing design and manufacturing time. Changeover is exceptionally fast, made easier by a lightweight tool design and tool-handling routine that requires no lifting.
Downtime reduced by design
The QX-1100’s sleek lines are hygienically designed to allow self-draining of water, enabling fast cleaning (IP 65). Sensitive parts are well-protected inside the durable frame, with rapid, tool-free access for servicing or replacement. A safe-clean mode insures the tool remains dry during machine washdown, keeping it ready for immediate use.
Higher return on floorspace
Despite its high capacity, the QX-1100 is extremely compact. Combined with its high output, fast product changeovers and low running costs, this insures an excellent Return on Floorspace (RoF).
Significant reductions in running costs
Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption, while extensive use of servo controls saves energy. An integrated checkweigher enables reject of wrong-weight packs, saving film and allowing tray re-use (optionally available).
Delivering high-quality products
The QX-1100 delivers a high-integrity inside cut seal, resulting in a superior pack presentation. On-line gas analyzing continually checks the gas injection mixture to insure the exact modified atmosphere is achieved (optionally available).

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Ishida QX-1100 Tray Sealer: detail #1
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Ishida QX-1100 Tray Sealer: detail #2
Operator control is easy-to-use and manage with a single interface - touch screen. Comes with instant setup and on-line diagnostics. Windows XP platform.
Superior pack presentation and product-specific atmosphere for meat, poultry, ready meals, snacks, fish, produce, frozen and dry foods.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Ishida QX-1100 Tray Sealer

A revolution in tray sealing performance and product quality
Model QX-1100  

Until now, really high tray sealing speeds could only be achieved on platen-type machines, which offered limited flexibility when changing from one pack type to another. Now, Ishida’s advanced engineering and software have produced the QX-1100, a tray sealer with easy tool changeovers and the capability of speeds over 200 trays per minute.

Improvements in changeover speed are equally dramatic. In minutes, the QX-1100 can be running just as fast with a totally different tray: whatever size or shape your busy schedule demands.

The revolutionary QX-1100 radically improves what you can do with the packing space you have, and how fast you can do it. It changes the economics of tray sealing by saving on materials and consumables, while making operators more efficient.

Accessories & Options
Integrated Ishida DACS checkweigher
DACS inline reject (per lane)
On-line gas analyzing
X-ray inspection
Vision systems
Seal testing
Case packing
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Ishida QX-1100 Tray Sealers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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