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Uniformly cook high capacities in a relatively small area

Spiral Oven

Cook products evenly across the full belt width
Each product piece is cooked uniformly regardless of its position on the conveyor belt. Heat and Control’s unique Controlled Air Distribution System contains the cooking atmosphere over each tier so product on the left, center and right sides of the belt receive equal cooking. One central VFAC-controlled fan circulates air evenly throughout the oven.
Unlimited conveyor tier spacing
Spacing between conveyor tiers is determined by your product, not the conveyor design. Useable belt widths are available up to 42”.
PLC controlled clean-in-place system
Cleaning is simple and efficient. The oven has no inaccessible internal surfaces and features a PLC-controlled clean-in-place system operated by touch screen. Water-cooled or air-cooled oven floors minimize the accumulation of product drippings.

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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Spiral Oven

Uniformly cook high capacities in a relatively small area
Model SO  

Since 1978, Heat and Control has been building spiral cooking equipment to suit your unique product requirements. Models are available with up to 42” useable belt width and production capacities over 10,000 finished pounds/hour.

Our space-saving spiral oven delivers continuous uniform cooking, minimal weight loss and high production capacities of meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable and baked products.

Temperature, moisture, air circulation and conveyor speed are independently adjustable and PLC controlled.

Insulated casing and stainless steel construction are USDA approved.

Spiral Ovens can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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