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Create the highest quality packages, spend less time
on changeovers and cleaning

Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealer: Enlargement

10-minute changeovers
Automatic tool loading requires no hand tools or manual lifting. Ishida’s Intelligent Tool function automatically recognizes the correct tool for each preset. Operators can easily change trays, film, and sealing tools using automatic and quick-release features.
Maximum versatility
Seal almost any size and shape tray. Integrated film coding, gas mixing, analyzing, and other features make the QX-QX775 ready for MAP, high oxygen, seal-only, vacuum and gas, skin pack, and shrink film applications.
Sanitary construction
Self-draining curved surfaces, the absence of exposed cables and motors, and no-tools removal of belts and conveyors allow fast, comprehensive wash downs.
High return on floor space
Despite its high capacity, the QX tray sealer is extremely compact Combined with its high output, fast product changeovers, and low running costs, this insures an excellent Return on Floorspace (RoF).
Lower costs and high quality packages
Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption, while extensive use of servo controls saves energy. Individually controlled sealing heads deliver greater machine efficiency. True packing center and built-in quality control functions ensure gas mix and product weights are correct before sealing. An optional integrated checkweigher enables reject of wrong-weight packs, saving film and allowing tray re-use.

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Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealer: detail #1
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Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealer: detail #2
Featuring a full color touch screen and swivel mounted control panel, the QX-775 now offers even more control, easier access, and a host of new and enhanced features.
Superior pack presentation and product-specific atmosphere for meat, poultry, ready meals, snacks, fish, produce, frozen and dry foods.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealer

Create the highest quality packages, spend less time<br>on changeovers and cleaning
Model QX-775 -Flex  

Satisfy your customers’ needs for attractive on-demand packaged products in trays up to11.8" wide (300mm) in almost any shape. Ishida QX- 775 tray sealers delivers low to medium speeds, fast changeovers, and simple sanitation.

One sealing lane delivers up to 15 cycles per minute with modified atmosphere packaging - all in minimal floor space. And a variety of integrated quality control features assure every tray is consistently perfect.

Single lane models are also available for entry level and high speed tray sealing. For high speeds, choose from dual lane models and our versatile dual split lane system which allows you to seal two different trays on the same machine.

Accessories & Options
Vacuum pumps
Gas mixing consoles
On-line gas analyzing equipment
Modular infeed options
Upgrades for Skin Pack, shrink film and Mirabella
Print registration and online coding
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Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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