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Proven to deliver faster cooking and greater uniformity than any other impingement oven

AirForce® Impingement Oven: Enlargement

Fastest, most uniform cooking of meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and baked foods
Indirect heating prevents product discoloration or “pinking”. Choose from compact gas-fired burner or thermal fluid heating systems.
Indirect heating
Accurately control when product stops cooking. Optimized bed depths provide an accurate cooling profile. Variable speed conveyor adjusts dwell time. A steel exhaust fan with TEFC drive is included for installation by customer.
Bacteria can’t hide
All internal surfaces are fully accessible. There are no air ducts or insulated panels to harbor bacteria.
Easy access
Conveyor and air nozzles separate when the hood is raised providing easy access for cleaning. Dual rotary brushes clean the conveyor belt during operation.
Product-specific cleaning
Control the exact amount of cleaning time and chemicals used for different foods with the optional computer controlled clean-in-place system.
Process control and data management
Automated process control, monitoring and information management are available at the touch of a finger using our optional computerized control system.
Simple operation
Fine-tune process conditions with easy-to-read touch keys. All commands are displayed in plain language, requiring minimal operator training.
USDA approved construction

AirForce® Impingement Oven: detail #1

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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

AirForce® Impingement Oven

Proven to deliver faster cooking and greater uniformity than any other impingement oven
Model IMP  

The AirForce oven delivers higher production output because it cooks faster than comparable impingement ovens. This unique process preserves product flavor and moisture, producing higher finished yields.

Temperature, humidity and air velocity are independently adjustable above and below the product. Upper air nozzles adjust from 2” to 8” above the conveyor allowing product heights of up to 6”.

Illustration (lower middle)
1. Hot humid air is uniformly applied across conveyor.
2. Return path of air between impingement nozzles does not interfere with incoming hot air.
3. Plenum-mounted fans above and below the conveyor force air through nozzles evenly onto product.

Accessories & Options
MPO® convection ovens
Coating Applicators
Steam Chambers
Rotary Branders
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AirForce® Impingement Ovens can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.

Heat and Control supplies the complete system, plus worldwide parts and technical support.
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