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Clean, efficient, high-capacity frying!

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25-40% less oil volume
The Breaded Product Fryer design significantly reduces system oil volume by eliminating heating elements from the fryer pan. Product conveyor return can be inside or outside the fryer pan for the lowest oil volume.
Superior oil quality
Rapid oil turnover rates, minimal thermal breakdown and superior filtration maintain the highest oil quality possible.
Precise Temperature Control
Oil quickly reaches the temperature set point and immediately adjusts to changes in product loading. The BPF can be designed for a specific temperature change (Delta T) between the inlet and outlet.
Clean Operation
The BPF keeps oil moving to ensure the most effective filtration. If oil isn't moving, fines settle and burn on the pan and heating surfaces.
The Gentle Flow Advantage
Unique Gentle Flow oil inlet design maintains uniform oil flow and temperature across the width of the BPF pan for superior coating quality and uniformly finished product. It also provides multi-zone temperature control that can be tailored to meet specific product frying profiles.
Fryer sizing that fits your needs
External oil heating allows BPF sizing to be based on the heat load and production requirements of your products individually. You never need to buy an oversized fryer to get enough heating elements to meet the heat load.

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Breaded Products Fryer

Clean, efficient, high-capacity frying!
Model BPF  

Continuous circulation of externally heated cooking oil gives you every advantage for prepared foods frying. Every minute, 100% of the system oil volume circulates between the fryer, filter and external heat exchanger. This simple design provides quick, uniform and gentle heating of cooking oil.

Oil circulation provides for efficient removal of fines and prevents hard-to-clean deposits in the fryer pan. And when it's time for sanitation, cleaning solution follows the same path as the oil, leaving no area untouched.

For superior frying of coated and uncoated prepared foods, go with the flow using the Breaded Products Fryer System.

Accessories & Options
Teflon infeed conveyor for batter and delicate coated foods
Inside or outside returns for main product conveyor
Fryer support module reduces installation time and costs
Continuous oil filters using a mesh drum, paper, metal belt, or centrifugal separator
Separate sediment removal conveyor or pan wipers attached to the bottom of the main product conveyor
Indirect natural gas, fuel oil, steam, electric, or thermal fluid heat exchangers
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Breaded Products Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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