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Ishida's new high-performance multihead weigher delivers faster speeds and greater efficiencies

Ishida CCW-R Series Weighers: Enlargement

Faster Weighing Speeds
Accurately achieve speeds up to 180 weighments per minute.
Greater Efficiency
Advanced technologies including advanced digital filtering for maintaining good product feed, automatic timing settings for optimum product transfer through the weigher, and a self adjusting feeder control that adjusts feeder vibration amplitude, guaranteeing the highest possible production efficiency.
New Operator Interface
Utilizes the flexibility of Windows™ XP operating system and Ishida's intuitive "System Assistant." Capture product photos, send email, operate other line equipment, and monitor production status via USB camera on the weigher.
Rugged, Sanitary Design
An all stainless steel main body. Simplified body design for complete access to all contact parts which are removable without tools. Hopper doors can be held open for cleaning, and hoppers themselves can be individually removed and replaced while machine is in production. Available in waterproof design for extreme environments and wet cleaning.
Low Energy Consumption
Refining the performance of the CCW-R weigher's feeder drives has reduced energy consumption over earlier models. This results in dramatic savings in operating costs.

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Ishida CCW-R Series Weighers: detail #1
Ishida's new user-friendly interface allows operators to combine a wide range of applications in Windows XP with all weigher functions. Easily monitor and operate other line equipment from one location.
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Ishida CCW-R Series Weighers

Ishida's new high-performance multihead weigher delivers  faster speeds and greater efficiencies
Model CCW-R  

Ishida CCW-R multihead weighers accurately reach speeds up to 180 weighments per minute and offer models that meet a wide range of production requirements.

Advanced digital filtering and calculation methods prevent missed cycles and increase weighing accuracy. Automatic timing settings reduce operator inputs. And new feeder controls stabilize product flow across the top of the weigher for higher production efficiency.

An all-new operator control unit features the Windows XP operating system. Send email from the control panel. Capture and display product photos with a built-in camera to simplify changeovers. Operators can even view easy-to-follow weigher operation procedures using Ishida’s “System Assistant” display.

Accessories & Options
Waterproof Design
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Ishida Snack Bagmakers
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Ishida CCW-R Series Weighers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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