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Ideal for sticky foods such as fresh meat, poultry, seafood,
and cooked pasta

Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher: Enlargement

Dual Screw Feeders
Rotary screw feeders option enables accurate multihead weighing of fresh meat, poultry and seafood, cooked pasta, or other difficult to handle sticky products. The rotation rate of screw feeders in the radial troughs can be adjusted to meet product characteristics, providing precise control of product supply to the pool and weigh hoppers.
Designed to prevent sticking
Special SUS stainless steel surfaces on the radial troughs, pool hopper fences and discharge chutes, insure maximum weighing accuracy by preventing sticking during the important product feed stage.
Easy to clean
All contact parts can be disassembled without tools for cleaning. The stainless steel main body is corrosion resistant and meets HACCP standards for washdown.
Field Programmable Gate Array
Technology that delivers high speeds, excellent accuracy and efficiency levels close to 100%, while reducing product giveaway to fractions of a gram.
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Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher: detail #1
Detail of dual rotary screw feeders with chicken tenders.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher

Ideal for sticky foods such as fresh meat, poultry, seafood,<br />and cooked pasta
Model SF (Screw Feeder)  

Non-stick stainless steel hoppers or optical plastic product hoppers with scraper gates prevent product sticking and the build-up of product residue. Dual screw feeders steadily move products across the top of the weigher. Rated for IP65 washdown, product contact parts can be removed without using tools and sanitized using high temperature cleaners. The user-friendly color touch screen includes 50 product presets for fast changeovers.

Standard features include proprietary Ishida technology, such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), an enhanced Anti-Floor Vibration system, a high speed 5-stage digital filter, and a new combination calculation algorithm.

Accessories & Options
Fastback 90E Horizontal Motion Conveyors
Modular Support Structures
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Ishida Screw Feeder Weighers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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