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Continuous high-volume application of water and solvent-based coatings

Side Vented Coating System: Enlargement

100 to 70,000 pounds/hour (45.36 to 31,750 kg/hr) throughput, depending on product and coating requirements

Models available for volumes from 4 to 59 cubic feet (0.113 to 1.67 cubic meters)

304 stainless steel construction

NEMA 4 stainless steel control console with variable speed adjustment and digital readout

Clean-in-place system and fines collection drawers simplify sanitation

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Side Vented Coating System: detail #1
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Side Vented Coating System

Continuous high-volume application of water and solvent-based coatings
Model WH(36,48,60)120  

Uniformly apply a wide variety of coatings to foods, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial products. One versatile Side Vented Coating System combines powder and liquid application, heated air flow, gentle tumbling action, and continuous dust collection. Liquid coatings are applied and dried before product leaves the tumble drum.

This space-saving system features adjustable dwell time, temperature, and application rates. Two or more individual coating and drying zones can be included in one drum, or place multiple units in line to perform a variety of coating and drying operations.

Precise control of the batch size, and delivery of the liquid and powder, maintains consistency of the finished coated product.

Accessories & Options
Multiple process zones
Auger lengths and diameters to suit your application
Solid core or open helix stainless steel augers
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Side Vented Coating Systems can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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