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Uniform blanching of potato slices improves chip quality and
reduces acrylamide levels

Potato Slice Injection Blancher: Enlargement

Multiple water jets in the bottom of the blancher tank force water up through the product pack. This spreads slices throughout the washer, separating them for greater surface exposure. Bottom-up water injection produces more uniform blanching than designs which inject water from the sides, compressing slices into a tight pack in the center of the washer.
Continuous water circulation maintains a consistent blanching temperature and keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal by a Motorized Catch Box filter.
Precisely adjustable water temperature, dwell time, and dewatering allow you to control the color and texture of finished potato chips. Extended blanching lowers the sugar content of slices and helps reduce the formation of acrylamides.
Slice dwell time is precisely controlled by an overhead positioning conveyor. Fresh water sprays rinse slices before surface water is removed by an Air Knife.
Slices are spread fully across the variable speed discharge conveyor. This promotes efficient dewatering and deposits a consistent flow of individual slices into the fryer to produce finished chips with uniform moisture content and to eliminate uncooked clusters of chips.

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Potato Slice Injection Blancher

Uniform blanching of potato slices improves chip quality and <br>reduces acrylamide levels
Model PSIB  

Blanch slices in hot water or wash them in cold water to maintain consistent chip quality when using different grades of potatoes.

Standard heavy-duty stainless steel construction includes galvanized water piping. To simplify cleaning, the full-length hood and metering conveyor can be raised clear of the pan with a motorized screw jack hoist system.

Accessories & Options
All-stainless steel water piping
AirSweep vacuum/blow-off surface water removal system
Slicer support and pre-piped slice feed flume
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Potato Slice Injection Blanchers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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