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Gentle Wash™ potato slice washer cuts fresh water use
and fryer cleaning costs

Gentle Wash: Enlargement

Drastically reduce fresh water usage and effluent charges
Gentle Wash cleans and recovers water using a hydro-sieve and liquid cyclones. The system’s low water volume assures fast water turnover.
Improve slice washing efficiency
Efficient 3-stage washing provides maximum surface starch and fines removal.
Minimize product damage
Gentle Wash uses no mechanical agitation, greatly reducing slice damage that can produce cracked and broken finished chips.
Prevent fines transfer to frying & packaging equipment
Continuous fines removal assures clean fryer operation and fewer crumbs transferred to your packaging line. Washed slices are transferred in a uniform layer through an AirSweep for maximum dewatering and fines removal before they enter your fryer.
Improve equipment layout flexibility
Composed of individual easy-to-install modules, Gentle Wash can be configured to fit into existing lines with limited floor space.

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Gentle Wash

Gentle Wash™  potato slice washer cuts fresh water use<br>and fryer cleaning costs
Model Gentle Wash  

Significantly reduce fresh water usage and downtime for fryer de-crumbing by efficiently removing surface starch and fines from potato slices with Heat and Control’s new Gentle WashTM 3-stage washing system.

Stage 1:
Potatoes are evenly metered into the slicers to minimize scrap during slicing. Surface starch and fines are initially removed as the slices are flumed into the Spiral Action Gentle Washer.

Stage 2:
Inside the Spiral Action Gentle Washer, slices are thoroughly washed without using mechanical agitation that can cause product damage.

Stage 3:
After being spread across the dewatering conveyor, slices ar given two reuse water rinses and on fresh water rinse. Slices then pass through an AirSweep vacuum/blow-off system which removes surface water and fines to reduce fryer fuel usage & cleaning costs.

Gentle Washes can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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