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Use less seasoning for more uniform coverage with
Advanced Area Control Technology

FastBack® Seasoning System: Enlargement

Minimize product breakage
Slow-forward fast-back horizontal motion conveyor provides gentler, product-friendly handling. Gentle motion tumbler also minimizes breakage with bi-directional flights.
Uniform coverage
The FastBack® Seasoning Application System with Advanced Area Control Technology delivers the most uniform coverage with less seasoning usage.
Faster changeover without tools
Removable liner in conveyor pan and seasoning feeder allows quick, neat changeover. QC Clamp™, quick releases and release ring clamps allow you to move or remove pans and feeder without tools.
Eliminates clogging and regular adjustment
Horizontal motion conveying and applicator, and agitation paddles prevent clogging. The Excalber™ seasoning dispenser automatically adjusts its feed rate to match changes in product flow.
Provides maximum tumbler “ON” time
No weigh belts, piccolo tubes or scarf feeders
Menu-driven recipe selection

FastBack® Seasoning System: detail #1
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

FastBack® Seasoning System

Use less seasoning for more uniform coverage with<br>Advanced Area Control Technology

Seasoning System components:

1. Flex-Wall Seasoning Feeder.
Agitation paddles prevent bridging and deliver steady seasoning feed without clogging. Removable liner allows quick, neat changeovers.

2. Excaliber™ Seasoning Applicator.
Patented horizontal motion applicator evenly distributes seasoning without separation or clogging.

3. Gentle Motion Tumbler.
Improve product spread with less breakage. Bi-directional flights minimize breakage. Direct drive eliminates maintenance of chains and tensioning. Turntable allows faster changeovers and easier cleaning.

Accessories & Options
FastBack® 260E horizontal motion conveyor
FastBack® 90E horizontal motion conveyor
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FastBack® Seasoning Systems can be custom designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
Heat and Control Technical Facility
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