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Form & fry consistently uniform stackable potato snack chips

Fabricated Chip Fryer: Enlargement

Up to 1,200 Ibs/hr
Developed in the early 1970s, Heat and Control’s Fabricated Chip Fryers are now used by the world’s leading producers of stackable potato chips. Our proven continuous fryer and conveyor designs deliver up to 1,200 finished lbs/hr of identical single-curve chips with consistent color and long shelf life.
Form & fry continuously
After sheeting and cutting, chips are conveyed into the fryer where buoyancy forms them around convex stainless steel molds and holds them in place for uniform cooking. After frying, chips are released from the molds and conveyed to seasoning and packaging equipment.
Precise temperature control
Continuous oil circulation between the fryer and heat exchanger provides accurate temperature control and rapid adjustment to product load changes. Low oil film temperature preserves oil quality.
Easy cleaning
Cleaning solution circulates through the same path as cooking oil, while clean-in-place spray nozzles clean the hood and exhaust stack. Self-locking motorized screw jacks raise the hood and conveyor clear of the pan for complete cleaning access.
Superior oil quality
Low oil volume produces rapid oil turnover for chips with a fresh flavor and long shelf life. Optimal oil level is automatically maintained.

Fabricated Chip Fryer: detail #1
                  Chip molds are easily removed.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

Fabricated Chip Fryer

Form & fry consistently uniform stackable potato snack chips
Model FC  

Standard fryer features include:

 -Electro-pneumatic oil level control system.

 -Clean-in-place spray system.

 -Roller carrier chain conveyor edges.

 -Variable speed DC drives with TEFC motors for conveyors.

 -Rugged stainless steel conveyor support frame, base structure, and flat-bottom pan.

 -Ladder chain hold-down discharge conveyor.

Choose standard fryers for up to 1,200 finished lbs/hr, or custom-designed systems for your unique product requirements.

Accessories & Options
Oil filters for continuous fines removal
Oil Mist Eliminator for exhaust stack
Seasoning application systems
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Fabricated Chip Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
Heat and Control Technical Facility
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