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For trouble-free high-capacity production of french fries, batter coated fries and formed potato products

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Precise frying control
Heat and Control’s unique continuous fryer design gives you total control of product quality:
AccuFlow™ oil inlets maintain equal side-to-side oil flow for uniform cooking. Multiple oil inlets and outlets let you adjust oil velocity, volume and temperature drop to suit your products, while quickly removing fines.
Continuous oil circulation between the fryer, filter and heat exchanger provides precise control of temperature and rapid adjustment to product load changes.
Continuous filtration
Multiple oil outlets quickly remove fines to minimize oil degradation. 100% of the system oil volume passes through a filter every minute, on average, for the highest quality oil and product.
Superior oil quality
Low oil volume and rapid oil turnover assure fresh product with a long shelf life. Oil level control is automatic.
Easy cleaning
Clean-in-place spray nozzles in the hood and exhaust stack clean all areas above the oil path. Self-locking motorized screw jacks raise the hood and conveyors clear of the pan for complete cleaning and maintenance access.
Designed by the experts
You can’t duplicate Heat and Control’s fifty-plus years of fryer engineering expertise and after-sale service. Our fryers let you accurately manage oil conditions for uniform cooking and consistent quality. We also support you with the industry’s best technical service, parts and training.

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French Fry Fryer: detail #1
Heat and Control has all the equipment needed for a complete French Fry processing and packaging system.
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Product Information SheetProduct Information Sheet

French Fry Fryer

For trouble-free high-capacity production of french fries, batter coated fries and formed potato products
Model FF  

Two-stage fryers for regular & batter coated fries!

Our unique design reduces oil volume and delivers the highest production capacity using minimal floor space.

Stage 1 Set Coating:
Oil velocity matches the speed of the incoming mono-layer of product to prevent coating damage. Oil flow through multiple AccuFlow™ inlets controls product-to-oil velocity. Fines are quickly removed through multiple outlets to minimize oil degradation.

Stage 2 Completes Cooking:
With batter firmly set, fries are heavily loaded into Stage 2 for final cooking. Multiple zones of oil inlets and outlets maintain a consistent frying temperature. Oil flow penetrates the pack for uniform cooking, eliminating clusters and quickly removing fines.

Accessories & Options
Batter & coating applicators
Heat exchangers
Modular oil handling systems
Seasoning applicators
Ishida weighers
Ishida checkweighers
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French Fry Fryers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
Heat and Control Technical Facility
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