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Prepared Foods Systems Tour:
"Our expansion was a very fast track project, We needed a turn key implementation with very short lead times. We needed a supplier who could deliver quality equipment, and who had the engineering and service capabilities to meet those demands. Heat and Control was able to step up and give us what we needed."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
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Prepared Foods Systems Tour

Chicken breasts being transfered a horizontal motion conveyor to an Ishida weigher, chicken nuggets on a FastBack conveyor pan, cooked corn in an accumulation conveyor, Ishida checkweigher being washed down

6. Packaging & Product HandlingControls Controls

With Heat and Control, you get the most efficient product handling and weighing systems available, all backed by our commitment to provide the industry's best technical support. As a supplier of processing and packaging machinery, we know that all components must be designed to work together to maintain the highest product quality all the way from coating, cooking and packaging to your shipping dock.

Conveyors & Fillers

FastBack 260E Horizontal Motion Conveyor FastBack Horizontal Motion Conveyors
Reduce product breakage up to 60% compared to vibratory conveyors. FastBack's gentle slow-forward, fast-back motion prevents damage to delicate coatings and eliminates hard-to-clean build-ups in the pan. Convey heavy product loads without bogging or separation of small product pieces. FastBack conveyors are available for weigher feeding, proportional product distribution and accumulation.

Flexcentric Vibratory Conveyor Flexcentric Vibratory Conveyor
Flexcentric's patented indirect drive provides quick stop-start operation and evenly spreads product loads to prevent bogging and pan cracking. Product travel rate is adjustable during operation. With no gearbox or lubrication requirements, Flexcentric delivers reliable performance for aligning, singulating, sizing, feeding, de-watering, de-oiling, spreading and inspection.

FastBack 260E Horizontal Motion ConveyorVarilift Bucket
Always upright buckets prevent product spills and jamming.
S, C or horizontal configurations are available for conveying or product accumulation. Optional multiple infeed and discharge points allow you to receive or deliver product to more than one location. CIP systems can be provided.

Tray & Carton Fillers
End product loss and cleaning downtime using one of our compact, high-speed filling systems to transfer product from an Ishida weigher into trays or cartons on a continuous conveyor.

Our pre-assembled modular support platforms reduce your packaging system installation costs!

Ishida Weighers

Ishida Multihead Weighers
Ishida Multihead Weigher with shrimp
For fresh and frozen product, Ishida weighers reduce giveaway, cleaning and maintenance costs. Ishida invented computerized multihead weighing and continues to lead the industry with new technology for the fastest, most accurate, most reliable weighing possible. With more product application experience than any other company, Ishida/Heat and Control provide the right system for your packaging needs. From 3A Dairy to cost-effective washdown models, all Ishida weighers are easy to clean, with product contact parts that are quickly removed without using tools.

Inspection Systems

Ishida checkweigher / CEIA metal detector combo
Assure the safety and proper weight or count of your products using Ishida checkweighers and X-ray detection systems, and CEIA metal detectors. Individually or as an integrated system, these machines provide fast, accurate inspection and reject separation, simple changeovers and dependable performance in the harshest washdown environments.

Test your products on Ishida weighers, X-ray systems and checkweighers, and CEIA metal detectors at our Packaging Demonstration Centers.

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