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Prepared Foods Systems Tour:
"With our new fryers throughput has increased, oil life has been extended and oil usage reduced, cleaning is easier ... and product quality is better and more consistent. And the sales and service support for the fryers has been very responsive. Our relationship with Heat and Control has strengthened and will continue to grow."
—Jonathan Arena
Operations Manager, Fishery Products
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Prepared Foods Systems Tour

Grill branded chicken, red peppers, pork chops, beef steaks, fish, green peppers, seared onions and chicken wings, chicken cooked in spiral oven

5. Ovens & Surface TreatmentPackaging & Product Handling Ovens & Surface Treatment

High yields, uniform cooking, and quick, thorough cleaning are the and bottom line with Heat and Control oven systems. No other manufacturer gives you the confidence that each piece of product will be uniformly and safely cooked across the full conveyor width. Plus, our ovens provide infinite, repeatable control of the cooking environment to precisely and consistently create the taste, texture and surface qualities your customers demand.


AirForce Impingement Oven AirForce Impingement Oven
AirForce delivers faster cooking, more uniform product and higher production output than any comparable oven. Precisely control cooking and surface browning on both sides of your products. AirForce takes less floor space and features a fully integrated CIP system to reduce the cost of sanitation.

Spiral Ovens
Spiral Ovens
Twin and single drum models uniformly cook high capacities of product and take minimal floor space. Cooking atmosphere circulates in an even 360 pattern around the conveyor tiers so all product receives the same degree of cooking, regardless of its position.

Multi-Product Oven Cooking SystemMPO Cooking System
This is the standard of high yield, multi-product cooking. The MPO's patented convection cooking process lets you precisely control the interaction between temperature and moisture for rapid heat transfer with minimal yield loss. Plus you can develop unique surface textures without sacrificing valuable yield.

Oven heating systems can be ordered for natual gas, electricity or thermal fluid.

Brand & Sear

Rotary Branders
Rotary Branders - branded salmon steaks
Enhance your products by continuously applying grill marks to one or both sides. Uniformly brand formed and natural shaped products. Branding depth and speed are fully adjustable. If no branding is required, simply raise the roll and operate the unit as a transfer conveyor. Choose from free-standing conveyorized units or Branders that mount over conveyors.

Direct Flame Searer
Direct Flame Searer
Sear accents or brown surfaces to develop the look and taste of flame roasting. Combination Rotary Brander-Searing systems are also available.


For economical steam cooking, product hydration or as an inexpensive way to extend the cooking length of your oven, our continuous steam chambers are custom built to your product and process specifications.

Nugget Former

Nugget FormerContinuously form naturally shaped meat nuggets for pizza toppings, taco fillings, sauces and other products. Mounted over the oven infeed conveyor, this compact former accepts meat from a pums or stuffer. A variety of outlet hole shapes and sizes can be selected to create nuggets with an appetizing hand-formed "crumbled" appearance.
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