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Prepared Foods Systems Tour:
"Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations ...In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!"
—Mike Schena
President and COO,
Better Made Snack Foods
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Prepared Foods Systems Tour

Coating Applicators: drum breader, breading styles for chicken, batter covered steaks

3. Coating ApplicatorsFrying & Oil Management Frying & Oil Management

Batter and breading application is never the weak link in productivity with Heat and Control. Our innovative coating applicators eliminate jamming and are easily cleaned for a rapid product changeovers. Open and easy access to all areas on each applicator facilitates thorough sanitation. The ultimate multi-taskers, each applicator handles a variety of coatings for all types of products, formed or natural. Coating coverage is consistently uniform, even within product cavities and at high production rates.


SureCoat® Batter Applicator - submerger configuration SureCoat® Submerger Applicator
Product is fully immersed in a bath of batter for quick, complete coverage. All-welded pan and frame construction assures durability. For fast, thorough cleaning, all parts remain on the applicator during sanitation.

SureCoat® Batter Applicator - curtain configurationSureCoat Curtain Applicator
Two or four curtains and batter pumped beneath the product assure uniform coating, even in cavities. Ideal for a wide range of batters, this applicator promotes easy cleaning. A submerger can be added for even greater versatility.

Combine submerger and batter curtain application in one system using our SureCoat Universal Batter Applicator.

EasyCoat  Applicators EasyCoat Applicators
Uniform coating, rugged performance and easy cleaning all in an economical package. Add a two or four curtain attachment in place of the submerger on the standard EasyCoat batter applicator for maximum versatility. EasyCoat breaders feature adjustable top and bottom coating, making them ideal for a variety of coating materials.


SureCoat Pre-Dust Breading Applicator SureCoat Pre-Dust Breading Applicator
Run flour, free-flowing and Japanese crumb coatings on the same machine with only a simple hopper change. Product is conveyed on an adjustable bed of breading beneath one or two breading curtains for absolutely uniform coverage. Our unique triple-flip breader provides complete coverage for hard-to-coat products and easily converts to a single-pass conveyor.

SureCoat Drum Breader SureCoat Drum Breader
Product is gently tumbled through flour, breading or seasoning for complete coverage, even within skin folds and recesses. Easily adjust the breader for pre-dusting or thick homestyle coatings. Features include adjustable breading feed and product dwell time, and continuous lump removal. Add our SureSpreadTM system to distribute breaded product across inspection and transfer conveyors.


Seasoning Marinade Applicators
Application of dry seasonings and marinades is simple with our FastBack Revolution, SureCoat Drum Breader, or Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser.

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