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Prepared Foods Systems Tour:
"We have used a Heat and Control FastBack conveyor for the last 12 years. I have found the FastBack to be very reliable and worry-free. We have used vibratory conveyors in the past, and the FastBack is a great alternative. The FastBack is an excellent choice for fragile products, requires minimal preventive maintenance, and is one of our most dependable pieces of equipment."
—Steve Eiman
Plant Manager, TR Toppers Inc.
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Prepared Foods Systems Tour

Demonstration and Technical Centers - testing hamburger patties

2. Demonstration and Technical CentersCoating Applicators Coating Applicators

How can you develop new products or test new processes and equipment without disrupting the production schedule at your plant? Use our Technical and Packaging Demonstration Centers. We provide actual production models of coating, cooking, metal detection, conveying, weighing and other machinery in a relaxed, confidential environment that promotes experimentation and creativity. Visit or simply send product samples. Our test centers are designed for your convenience!

Product Tests

Technical Centers
Heat and Control Technical Centers
Evaluate the performance of our coating, cooking and surface enhancement equipment without interrupting your production schedule. Visit our Technical Centers where you can develop and test new products and processes using production sized ovens, fryers, batter/breading applicators, branders and more.

Perform detailed laboratory analyses of the cooking processes and their effects on product fat content, moisture, and finished product yield. You need not be a current Heat and Control customer to use our Technical Centers. Simply call to schedule an appointment. Our experienced staff will assist you, or you can send product samples to us. We will perform the desired tests and quickly return your finished samples with a detailed report. Your visit, activities and test results are completely confidential, making our Technical Centers the ideal environment for research and development work. More on technical centers.

*Some Technical Center equipment can be temporarily loaned for use at your facilities. You can also bring your own specialized machinery to use with our equipment.

Packaging Demonstration Centers

Heat and Control Demonstration Centers
Take the guesswork out of choosing the right product handling and packaging machinery. At our demonstration centers, you can test your products on actual production models of Ishida weighers, checkweighers, and X-ray detection systems, CEIA metal detectors, FastBack conveyors, Varilift bucket elevators and a variety of other equipment.

Evaluate speed, accuracy and product quality characteristics using our equipment under simulated production conditions. Our experienced applications engineers will assist you with the demonstration or they can conduct tests and send the results to you. We also have the resources to manufacture or modify specially designed equipment which can be tested to obtain the optimal product flow and performance results for your products.

For your convenience, our packaging demonstration centers are located on both coasts domestically and at our factories in Australia and China. More on packaging demonstration centers.

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