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Potato Chip Systems Tour:
"In today's work environment companies make many promises. A great deal of promises are made, but most have a difficult time keeping those promises. Heat and Control is not one of those companies. ...It is quite refreshing to know that you will get what was promised, when it was promised. That is how I run my business, and what I expect from the people who supply me. Delivered as promised, no surprises, you cannot ask for more!"
—Philip Gusmano,
Vice-President, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
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Potato Chip Systems Tour

The Complete System From A to ZAlways At Your Service Always At Your Service

Mouse-over system components for basic name and description. Click on components for more information and images. The Complete Potato Chip System From A to Z Truck dumping & hydro-unloading Dirt removal, sizing, crate filling Gentle-Flo® potato storage bins Potato pumping & debris removal Crate dumping, metering, de-stoning Continuous or batch peeling Transfer conveyors Inspection/trim conveyors Slicer feeders J: Singulating feed systems J: Singulating feed systems K: Slicer service platforms L: Slice washers & conditioners M: AirSweep® water removal Potato chip fryers Oil filtration systems Heat exchangers Q: Pollution controls R: Heat recovery systems Control systems Salt & seasoning applicators Varilift® bucket conveyors FastBack® conveyors for distribution, chip sizing & accumulation Ishida weighers Ishida APEX® bagmakers Ishida Checkweighers
A   Truck dumping & hydro-unloading    N Potato chip fryers
B Dirt removal, sizing, crate filling O   Oil filtration systems
C Gentle-Flo® potato storage bins P Heat exchangers
D Potato pumping & debris removal Q Pollution controls
E Crate dumping, metering, de-stoning R Heat recovery systems
F Continuous or batch peeling S   Control systems
G Transfer conveyors T Salt & seasoning applicators
H Inspection/trim conveyors U* Inspection & transfer conveyors*
I Slicer feeders V Varilift® bucket conveyors
J   Singulating feed systems W FastBack® conveyors for distribution,
chip sizing & accumulation
K Slicer service platforms X Ishida weighers
L Slice washers & conditioners Y Ishida APEX® bagmakers
M AirSweep® water removal Z Ishida checkweighers
*Not Shown    
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