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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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Heat and Control Debuts Latest Snack Packaging Technology at SNAXPO 2018

Heat and Control Debuts Latest Snack Packaging Technology at SNAXPO 2018

Heat and Control has chosen SNAXPO 2018, the year's premier snack event, to release the latest snack packaging technologies from Ishida for the North America/Latin America market. Heat and Control is launching Inspira, the next generation VFFS bagmaker, and ACP-700, an automatic case packer that is new to Ishida's packaging room line-up.

"This is a very exciting time for Heat and Control and Ishida. We can now offer a completely integrated and automated packaging room solution for the snack industry that can significantly improve efficiency and performance," announces Jeff Almond, Heat and Control Snack Food Industry Manager-Packaging. "The industry has been asking for effective automation and communications between the weigher, bagmaker, and case packer. Inspira's ease of access, predictive maintenance, and ability to work with a wide variety of film makes it easy to operate. Also, with the Case Packer's controls system's feed forward and feedback features, the flow of bags is more measured and controlled. This reduces bottlenecks by continuously adjusting settings as bags are running through the system."

The Inspira offers the highest levels of productivity performance, system efficiency, and pack quality, along with reduced environmental impact and improved operator working conditions, such as an increased level of automation which reduces the risk of human error. The ACP-700 case packer provides unmatched packing performance, such as toolless 3-minute fully-automatic pushbutton adjustment changeovers, and includes more standard features, such as a case erector, a closing mechanism, and a large 15.3" color display, and predictive maintenance tools, to make it a highly efficient system that is easy to operate. Also, it has the smallest footprint available in the market. Another key design improvement is the removal of the troublesome vacuum system typically required for bag handling.

A key element in the overall system is Ishida's in-line seal checker (TSC). Utilizing feed forward communications to the Case Packer and feedback communications to the Inspira, TSC continuously monitors fill level and compares bags to the targeted value so the ACP-700 Case Packer can automatically optimize the machine operation appropriately, as well as check for leaking bags . This helps to maximize cooperation and to deliver stable operation.

These new technologies will be running live at SNAXPO, so visitors can see for themselves the capability and the performance of the snack packaging room of the future.

SNAXPO18, Mar 12-14, 2018, ATLANTA –Visit Heat and Control at booth #525

For more information please visit Heat and Control's SNAXPO event information page or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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