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"The equipment is working exactly as promised, the conveying systems have reduced finished product waste by 50%, and the bagmaking equipment has reduced our film scrap by nearly 75%. The entire installation and start-up experience was outstanding. Despite the tight deadlines, the project was executed on time and allowed us to meet some very substantial fourth quarter business objectives."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
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Ishida flexibility handles all pasta types

Ishida flexibility handles all pasta types

The versatility and adaptability of Ishida's CCW-RV multihead weighing technology means it is able to pack all dried pasta varieties, whatever their shape and level of pasta fragility.

Pasta comes in many shapes and sizes and can be as different as curly vermicelli, a challenge to weigh accurately due to its tendency to clump together. By contrast, penne ("quills"') and farfalle ("bows") are particularly delicate varieties that require gentle handling to maintain their quality.

The Ishida multihead weighers highly-automated packing lines can be quickly programmed to handle virtually any of its pastas, whatever their size, shape or fragility. The weigher's vibratory system adjusts itself automatically to match the flow characteristics of the pasta being handled. To keep breakage of delicate varieties to a minimum, hoppers feature a special lining while discharge chutes are fixed at a shallow angle. These built-in features not only ensure a gentler transit; they also reduce factory noise. Preset parameters mean changeovers from one product to another are fast and simple. Complete cleaning takes just 30 minutes per weigher.

THE CCW-RV also offers benefits such as increased sanitation, speed and accuracy. Sloped, self-draining main body and radial feeder cover improve sanitary operation and reduce cleaning time while covered hopper bushings further simplify cleaning.

Ishida's unique Auto Setup feature speeds changeovers and reduces operator error. It automatically proposes the optimal operating settings based on only five key parameters related to product characteristics and desired performance.

Ishida's latest electronics transmit data 300% faster than existing models, enabling the weigher to respond faster to control inputs. Enhanced automatic filters and controls provide optimal product feeding and external vibration control for more accurate weighing. There's also an improved infeed camera to provide a sharp, wide-angle view of product flow through the radial feeders.

For more information please visit Heat and Control's Pasta Equipment page or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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