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"We have increased belt life to 8 months since switching to the SureCoat breaders. We run our breading applicators up to 16 consecutive hours each day. Any time a breader belt fails the entire line must be shut down for belt replacement, and that quickly gets very expensive. Longer belt life is a big improvement, and the SureCoat breaders have proved to be reliable and durable." ..."We are also very pleased with the service and support provided by Heat and Control."
—Martin Beringer
Process Improvement Manager,
Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
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Energy-saving processing systems

Heat and Control is helping food processors reduce the environmental impact of their cooking operations with equipment that protects air quality and reduces energy use. These following systems are now available for installation to support your sustainable strategies:

Booster Heater
Mounted over the stack of most any heat exchanger, the Booster Heater uses normally wasted exhaust gases to preheat cooking oil and increase heat exchanger efficiency by up to 12%.

Stack Heat Recovery System
Recover millions of BTU’s of heat from the fryer exhaust stack by condensing steam to make hot water for sanitation, blanching, boiler feed water, or even building heat.

Burner Mixture Management
Increase heat exchanger efficiency up to 4% by maintaining a precise fuel-to-air mixture ratio through the full firing range of the burner.

Combustion Air Preheat System
When high-temperature air is introduced into a burner, less fuel is required for combustion. Our Combustion Air Pre-Heater utilizes normally wasted exhaust heat to reduce the energy usage and increase heat exchanger efficiency up to 5%. Additional modules can be added to further increase the overall process efficiency by preheating make-up cooking oil, air and water.

KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger
As our high-efficiency KleenHeat Heat Exchanger heats cooking oil, it also incinerates and removes virtually all odors, oil and other particulates from fryer stack exhaust that would normally pollute the air and area around your plant. Regulatory agencies worldwide recognize KleenHeat’s pollution control method as the “Best Available Control Technology” (BACT) and increasingly require this equipment for new and upgraded fryer lines. As an added bonus, our latest graduated density oil heating tube bundle provides 10% greater thermal efficiency than existing models – far exceeding the performance of heat exchangers that do not remove pollutants!

Alternate Fuel Systems
Reduce energy costs by using less costly methane or other gas from landfills, digesters, or other sources.

For more information please check out our equipment pages or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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