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"Heat and Control was chosen not only because of the capabilities of their oven, but because of their product support and reputation. We have done quite a bit of business with them in the past, and Murry's has always been pleased with their performance."
—Tony Lucci
Senior VP, Murry's, Inc.
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New 3-Stage Peeler Cuts Potato Peel Loss To Under 3%

New 3-Stage Peeler Cuts Potato Peel Loss To Under 3%
By reducing potato peel loss to between 1.5% and 3%, Heat and Control's patented new VersaPeel® three-stage batch peeler can pay for itself within one year.

Three separate peeling chambers provide superior peeling exposure (even peeling within recesses and eyes) and deliver potatoes with a smooth, polished surface. Each stage automatically raises to expose potatoes to progressively finer abrasive chambers for improved peeling efficiency. VersaPeel's unique polish-peeling action eliminates excess fines transfer to downstream equipment and produces slices which absorb less oil during frying.

Because potatoes are confined within the peeling chambers, VersaPeel delivers better peeling control than continuous peelers. VersaPeel also eliminates "short-circuiting" or potatoes that escape peeling by bouncing down the length of a continuous peeler.

VersaPeel can be easily adjusted to maximize yield of thin skin and storage potatoes. Batch size and dwell time are programmable, and VersaPeel automatically empties and reloads at the end of each peeling cycle.

VersaPeel requires less floor space than two-stage peelers, is simple to clean and features abrasive surfaces that can be easily removed. Heat and Control also builds continuous and single-stage batch peelers.

For more information please visit Heat and Control's Peeling / Inspection / Slicing page or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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