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"Heat and Control was chosen not only because of the capabilities of their oven, but because of their product support and reputation. We have done quite a bit of business with them in the past, and Murry's has always been pleased with their performance."
—Tony Lucci
Senior VP, Murry's, Inc.
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Multi-stage batch peelers improve yield & peeling control

Providing more accurate control than continuous abrasive peelers, Heat and Control Multi-Stage Batch Peelers can save potato processors thousands of dollars annually and reduce cleaning costs for fryers and other downstream equipment.

Line capacity determines which type of Multi-Stage Peeler is most cost-efficient. For under 2,000 pounds/hour, two Model BP Batch Peelers are used in tandem. The first peeler uses a coarse abrasive to quickly remove the tough peel of stored potatoes. After the initial peel is removed, potatoes flow into the second peeler where fine abrasive completes peel removal and polishes potato surfaces. Centrifugal force confines potatoes within the abrasive peeling chamber for accurate control of peel removal. This eliminates the inconsistent contact with abrasive rolls resulting when potatoes bounce uncontrollably inside a continuous peeler.

The uniformly smooth surface produced by polish-peeling results in more efficient slicing and cleaner fryer operation. For fresh potato applications, it minimizes the usage and carry-over of anti-oxidants onto finished product, and promotes a more stable product color.

Heat and Control BP Batch Peelers are simple to clean and all abrasive surfaces can be easily removed. Batch size and dwell time are programmable, and each peeler automatically empties and reloads at the end of each peeling cycle. Optional weigh-in / weigh-out systems are also available to precisely control peel loss.

For peeling 2,000 or more pounds/hour, Heat and Control's patented VersaPeel® three-stage batch peeler significantly reduces peel loss and improves finished product quality. VersaPeel uses progressively finer abrasives and/or brushes to maximize peel removal, even within eyes and recesses. Potatoes finished in VersaPeel retain their natural shape and have a smooth, polished surface with virtually no flat spots which reduces scrap generated by slicers and cutters. Like BP Batch Peelers, VersaPeel delivers better peeling control than continuous peelers by using centrifugal force to hold potatoes against the abrasive peeling chambers. Dwell time, abrasive liners and brushes can be changed to suit different product grades offering outstanding flexibility in meeting quality standards.

For more information please visit Heat and Control's Batch Peelers page or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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