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"Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations ...In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!"
—Mike Schena
President and COO,
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X-ray, Checkweighers & Metal Detectors

Comprehensive Inspection Systems: Ishida IX-GN X-ray, DACS/CEIA combo

An Ishida checkweigher combined with a CEIA® metal detector for reduced floor space and common reject station to separate improper weights from metal contaminant.

Heat and Control® provides the industry's most sensitive and reliable equipment with the latest inspection technology and backs it with responsive ongoing technical support.

CEIA Metal Detectors
More detection frequencies mean fewer product effect errors without loss of sensitivity. Only CEIA MS21 multi-spectrum metal detectors use multiple frequencies both simultaneously and continuously; CEIA equipment has the industry's highest metal detection sensitivity. THS21 metal detectors continuously self-calibrate, maintaining peak detection stability and sensitivity to all metal contaminants. Auto-learn set-up is surprisingly simple and eliminates errors, and Bluetooth® connectivity facilitates programming and trouble-shooting using a laptop computer.

Ishida X-Ray
Ishida X-ray systems can detect small non-metallic contaminants (e.g., bone, glass, shell, plastic) and verifies weight and missing or defective product. They offer systems for every application and budget; all deliver superior inspection without expensive custom software.

Product on the conveyor is irradiated with X-rays that is then received by the line sensor. Ishida's unique multi-level image processing software detects foreign objects or missing products by processing the received X-ray image. Manufacturers can further enhance detection sensitivity by utilizing Ishida's patented Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing technology.

IX-GN series' sealed stainless steel waterproof construction, including the inspection chamber, blocks all infiltrates, with an air conditioner (optional on IX-EN), is installed to help dissipate heat. Also, the protective curtain and conveyor are removable without tools, and the user-friendly 17-inch touchscreen control (15-inch on IX-EN) comes standard with a USB port.

Ishida Checkweighers
Ishida DACS checkweighers provide quality assurance and customer satisfaction with accurate verification of package weight, product count, or detection of missing components. They are available in stainless steel for non-washdown and washdown (IP69) applications, and their quick-release infeed and weigh conveyors in the open frame design makes cleaning fast and simple. For easy set-up and operation, they have a large intuitive touchscreen control panel and product presets for quick changeovers. The checkweigher can be combined with CEIA metal detectors for reduced floor space and common reject station to separate improper weights from metal contaminants. For superior accuracy, check out the latest DACS-GN series.

Technical Support
Heat and Control is Ishida's and CEIA's exclusive partner in the Americas, and a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing, packaging, and inspection equipment, with experience and resources to provide a single machine or combination system with conveyors and rejecters for any operation. We offer demonstrations of equipment performance for evaluation and to give potential buyers an understanding of operating ease and of the simplicity of cleaning and of maintenance.

Heat and Control offers comprehensive technical support – commissioning, start-up, parts, repairs, modifications, and training to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.

For more information, see our PACK EXPO International showcase (http://www.heatandcontrol.com/packexpointl)

Pack Expo International, October 14–17, 2018–Visit Heat and Control at booth #N-5910

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