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"With our new fryers throughput has increased, oil life has been extended and oil usage reduced, cleaning is easier ... and product quality is better and more consistent. And the sales and service support for the fryers has been very responsive. Our relationship with Heat and Control has strengthened and will continue to grow."
—Jonathan Arena
Operations Manager, Fishery Products
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Volume 1, 2014  Issue 40

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Ishida delivers 120 years of value for weighing,
packaging & inspection

Ishida Logo
Ishida Weighers and BagmakersIshida was founded on a reputation for weighing accuracy. Otokichi Ishida started the business in 1893 manufacturing balance scales under Japan's first weights and measures license.

Fast-forward 120 years: The company bearing Otokichi's family name is now directed by a fifth generation descendant, Mr. Takahide Ishida. A major expansion of Ishida's Shiga manufacturing facility will be completed next year. And with a sales and service network covering 100 countries, Ishida will offer greater customer support and more new equipment for small and large companies.

Heat and Control's partnership with Ishida began in 1980 when we introduced the first multihead weigher to the Americas. Today, we continue to support every Ishida machine we've ever sold. Heat and Control maintains the largest inventory of parts in North and South America.

With more experienced technicians in more locations, we also offer the industry's most responsive service.

All this gives you the resources of a strong packaging partner from start to future. If you plan to upgrade your weighing, snack bagmaking, or inspection lines, ask us about Ishida's latest equipment. With the expertise that comes from long experience, and a commitment to fast, personal service, the Ishida-Heat and Control team promise you the best value for every application and budget.

Ishida Weigher and Snack Bagmaker Chart

Kar's Nuts boosts sales & customer service with new conveyors

Kar's Nuts logoKar's Nuts has a simple formula for success: Consistent quality nut and trail mix products with an emphasis on customer service. That philosophy has helped the 80-year-old Madison Heights, MI manufacturer achieve ten years of steady growth in all 50 states, and now internationally.

Bill Elam, VP of finance & OperationIn 2004, Kar's Nuts moved to a new manufacturing facility and doubled its production capacity to 24,000 pounds per hour with two Heat and Control nut roasting lines and a FastBack product distribution system.

Since then, another boost in production was needed to supply expanded sales to convenience, grocery, and club stores, and the introduction of its Second Nature™ brand of all-natural snacks.

So Kar's Nuts again called on Heat and Control for a new distribution conveyor system to handle the output of two new blending lines.

"Because of our history with Heat and Control, we were confident in their equipment's reliability and performance," explains Bill Elam, vice president of finance and operations. "They were able to quickly grasp the scope of our project and provide good guidance and input."

Trail MixElevating trail mix from the two new blending systems to the packaging platform in the next room is handled by Varilift® bucket elevators. Their unique infeed design eliminates gaps between the buckets to prevent product spills. Ascending buckets remain upright and do not roll back or spill if the conveyor stops. Kar's Nuts uses Varilifts having an S configuration, although the modular conveyor can also be provided in C and horizontal arrangements.

Compact, powerful FastBack 90E horizontal motion conveyors then distribute the product to twelve separate weighing/packaging stations. Pivot gates eliminate damaging pinch points as they deposit product into the FastBack conveyors feeding the weighers.

"The FastBacks have performed consistently well," notes Elam. Since the product does not bounce in the pan, FastBacks maintain trail mix blends and eliminate stratification of the various ingredients. Gentle horizontal motion reduces product damage and prevents build-ups in the pan and unscheduled cleaning downtime.

The two new lines have added about 21,000 pounds per hour of production capacity to Kar's Nuts' Madison Heights plant. "We currently run 20 hours per day, 4 to 6 days per week," says Elam. "We have the ability to move larger amounts of product to one or more lines simultaneously.

Elam adds that Heat and Control's product distribution system has also helped Kar's Nuts strengthen its ability to provide superior customer service: "The new line has added flexibility to our lines and has improved our ability to respond to customer orders."

"Heat and Control personnel were responsive to our needs and provided good supervision during installation and follow-up after the project was complete."
-Bill Elam, VP of Finance & Operations
Kar's Nuts Production Floor
Better batch frying at 500 pounds/hour
MasterTherm Kettle Fryer
MasterTherm Kettle FryerConsumers can't seem to get enough kettle-style potato chips. Our MasterTherm™ Kettle Fryer (MTKF) will help you meet that demand by producing over 500 finished lbs/hr, with repeatable quality from batch-to-batch.

High-capacity oil heating is performed gently and uniformly throughout the fryer by a thermal fluid heat exchanger immersed in the cooking oil. Each heating tube expands independently to help prevent thermal stress damage. Generous spacing between the electro-polished tubes simplifies cleaning by eliminating areas where fines can accumulate.

MTKF interior detail
Heat transfer tubes and hood can be lifted clear of the pan and fines removal conveyor to simplify cleaning.
For safety, energy efficiency, and improved oil quality, the cooking area is covered by a hood, like that used on a continuous fryer. This reduces heat loss and allows steam to blanket the oil, purging oxygen to prolong cooking oil quality. Also, exhaust volume is about 70% less than fryers using area hoods.

Features include continuous fines removal, automatic oil level control, an exhaust stack Oil Mist Eliminator, a cleanin-place spray system, and screw jack hoists to safely raise the hood and heat exchanger for complete access inside the fryer.

Our patented Chip-Stirr® system automatically agitates slices during cooking and directs the finished chips to the discharge drain conveyor. Controlled by a PLC, Chip-Stirr prevents slice clusters, allows one operator to run multiple fryers, and assures consistent chip quality.

MKTF gives you the efficiency to reduce production costs, and the high output capacity to keep your snack lovers in the chips!   More

For higher capacities...
Chip Varieties

The UPC continuous fryer
Our Universal Product Cooker™ (UPC) fries any type of kettlestyle potato chip continuously, rather than in batches. UPC makes traditional potato chips with little or no slice washing, plus chips from plantains, multigrain, and other ingredients, as well as selected pellet and extruded snacks.  More

Welcome to the future of conveying & seasoning application

Planning upgrades to your conveying or seasoning line? Contact us about our newest equipment to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

fastBack Revolution Mid-Gate1.  Proportional distribution where you need it
Mount the new Revolution Mid-Gate™ at the beginning, middle, or end of the FastBack conveyor pan to eliminate product transfer pinch-points and get the advantages of proportional distribution where you need them: Zero cross-contamination, reduced product breakage, easy cleaning, and safe, responsive full-open to full-closed speeds for all throughputs.  More

FastBack FDX conveyor2.  FastBack FDX for conveyor runs to 100 feet
40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors, FDX™ handles runs up to 100 feet long and up to 300 cubic feet of product accumulation. Like other FastBack conveyors, FDX reduces product damage, prevents separation of blends, is easy to clean, quiet, and needs no preventive maintenance  More.

AccuCoat drum3.  Improve seasoning coverage with Two-Stage Tumble Drum.
Even during variations in throughput, our new Two-Stage Tumble Drum's dual geometry seasoning drum decreases standard deviation of chip-to-chip dwell time by over 30%. This patent pending design improves seasoning coverage, adhesion, and application rates, and is available only with our RevolutionOn-Machine Seasoning system.  More

FastBack WeighBack Conveyor4.  WeighBack
FastBack WeighBack™ is the cleaner, more accurate alternative to troublesome weigh belts. This continuous weighing conveyor features a removable weigh tray for easy cleaning and access to its load cells. User-friendly controls provide manual and auto-tare functions with clear displays of instantaneous and cumulative operating data.  More
Powder-on-Demand5.  Safe powder transfer with POD
Automatically transfer dry seasonings, granules, and powders without hazardous lifting using our new high-capacity Powder On Demand™ (POD). More
Apply all styles of breading in less space

Only 90" long, our new Micro Breader frees up two feet of line length so you can add another coating pass for greater production versatility. Micro Breader uniformly applies all styles of predust, crumb, and flake coatings. Top coverage and bed density are independently adjustable. Automatic belt tensioning increases conveyor belt life. Interchangeable top hoppers and large clean-outs permit fast changeovers between free-flowing and non free-flowing coatings. In short, Micro Breader gives you all the features of our full-size breading applicator in a smaller package.

Big features in a Micro Breader
Micro Breader

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