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"Our expansion was a very fast track project, We needed a turn key implementation with very short lead times. We needed a supplier who could deliver quality equipment, and who had the engineering and service capabilities to meet those demands. Heat and Control was able to step up and give us what we needed."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2013  Issue 38

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Space-saving vacuum fryer controls acrylamide!

Until now, vacuum fryers had to operate inside an external vacuum chamber. This "ship-in-a-bottle" design required excessive floor space and hazardous, labor-intensive removal of the fryer for cleaning and maintenance.

To eliminate these problems, we have developed the Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF) which creates its own vacuum and requires no external vacuum enclosure.

Operating at 10% or less of normal atmospheric pressure, the UVF boils off product moisture at a lower temperature. This enables you to fry snacks made from high-sugar potatoes, apples, yams, and other products without browning. And because water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum, frying oil temperature can be kept below the 248°F point at which acrylamide begins to form.

As the leading innovator of fryer technology, Heat and Control builds the best fryer for any application. Contact us for more details on our Unitized Vacuum Fryer and other new fryers: The Upflow continuous fryer and MasterTherm kettle fryer.

Heat and Control's Vacuum Fryer

On-machine seasoning helps America's largest independent
pretzel maker expand into new frontiers of snacking.

Pretzels Inc. logoYou could call them the Phoenix of Pretzels. Quickly rebuilding after a fire destroyed its Bluffton, IN packaging facility in 1997, Pretzels Inc. now makes more styles of the baked snack than you can shake a pretzel stick at: twists, minis, rods, balls, rings, and ultra-thins, to name a few. On top of that, the company makes lots of extruded and baked corn based snacks, like cheese puffs, balls, curls, and crunchy curls. "Currently, we produce a few items with topical seasonings and are excited to expand these offerings with the new On-Machine Seasoning system," smiles the company president and co-owner William (Chip) Mann II.

All that variety has steadily boosted demand, and in the process, created a major challenge for seasoning application. "We season a variety of products, including both extruded corn products and pretzels," says Mann. "The densities of each product vary greatly, which makes coating application a more complicated aspect of our business," he explains. Frequent product changeovers and cleaning were taking a toll on profits. "We had one coating applicator for everything," laments Mann. "If we had a base product but wanted to put three different seasonings on it, we'd require a cleanup in between each production run."

Pretzels Inc. was determined to improve efficiency and pave the way for new growth. So they contacted Heat and Control, which had supplied a complete FastBack distribution conveyor system on rush order over the Christmas holiday after the devastating packaging room fire in 1997.

The company evaluated other systems on the market and purchased a new FastBack Revolution product distribution and On-Machine Seasoning application system, in part based on the reliability and efficiency of its existing FastBack conveyors.

FastBack Horizontal Motion ConveyorsWorking together, Pretzels, Inc. and Heat and Control considered 15 different layouts, finally deciding on a system to apply seasoning in the packaging room (instead of in the processing area) that would expand production flexibility and efficiency. "Heat and Control did lots of work on the front end and back end," say Steve Huggins, CEO and co-owner, "They worked very closely with our on-site engineers to conceptualize and design the layout and equipment. Much help and long hours were given by them to make sure everything was running well and operators were trained adequately."

The new FastBack Revolution distribution and On-Machine Seasoning system accepts product from two sources and distributes proportional quantities to six seasoning, weighing, and packaging stations. Each bag maker controls its own Revolution gate so it receives a consistent flow of product. The unique gate rotates to divert the exact amount of product requested by the bag maker. Product flow is precise for both small bag sizes and large packages. And when not diverting product, the gate rotates to a fully closed position, preventing any possibility of cross contamination between lines.

Product on FastBack OMS seasoning systems, FastBack Horizontal Motion Conveyors, Revolution Proportional Gates

"Accuracy and consistency have improved drastically" comments plant manager Paul Geiser. "The On-Machine Seasoning system provides so much more flexibility in terms of running multiple flavors at once. In fact, product scheduling flexibility has roughly increased by 50% becauseof the dynamic functionality of our packaging room now. In the future, we're excited about opportunities to offer our customers more packaging variety, such as multi-pack configurations, because we now have the flexibility to do so."

"Heat and Control worked very closely with our on-site engineers
to conceptualize and design the layout and equipment."

Another dramatic improvement over the old system is the reduction in cleaning and changeover time. "We're seeing a 50% reduction in cleaning time," notes Geiser. The gentle slow-forward fast-back horizontal motion of the FastBack conveyors prevents the loss and build-up of seasonings in the conveyor pan and greatly reduces product breakage compared to vibratory conveyors. Seasoning drums and feeders can be removed without using tools for cleaning away from the production area.

All of these features contribute to maintaining Pretzels, Inc.'s standard of excellence. "We have a great reputation in the market for high quality snack foods and the company was built on making the best product possible."

Waterproof weighing goes fast, clean and green
Ishida logo Faster, more accurate, easier to use, and environmentally friendly: Ishida's new RV-Series weighers improve on its industry-leading R-Series weighers in every way… and add a V for value.

With automatic set-up, self-draining surfaces, and wireless operation, Ishida RV weighers take net-weighing of dry, fresh, and frozen foods to a new level of efficiency.

Ishida CCW-RV multihead weigher
Sloped surfaces shed water
to improve sanitary operation.
Sloped, self-draining main body and radial feeder cover improve sanitary operation and reduce cleaning time. Covered hopper bushings further simplify cleaning. Fully welded product contact parts are available for sanitary applications.

Ishida's unique Auto Setup feature speeds changeovers and reduces operator error. It automatically proposes the optimal operating settings based on only five key parameters related to product characteristics and desired performance.

Wireless access is available for Android tablet computers and smartphones. This permits remote weigher operation, feeder adjustment, and review of statistics. Diagnostics can be performed by wire or wireless to reduce the need for in-plant service calls.

Ishida's latest electronics transmit data 300% faster than existing models, enabling the weigher to respond faster to control inputs. Enhanced automatic filters and controls provide optimal product feeding and external vibration control for more accurate weighing. There's also an improved infeed camera to provide a sharp, wide-angle view of product flow through the radial feeders.

RV weighers are built for a green future. Three energy-efficient power modes reduce hopper drive amperage by as much as 50%. Manufactured to comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines, RV weighers use no mercury, cadnium, hexavalent chromium, or other toxic substances. All circuit boards have a lead-free finish. And all seals and gaskets are made with FDA-approved materials to promote food safety.

But even the world's best weigher can be made better…with Heat and Control exclusive total after-sale support. With more service technicians located in more local markets, we provide the industry's most experienced rapid-response service assistance. Contact us today for more information and an Ishida RV demonstration!     More

New Products!

Modular Dust Collection clears the air
Modular Dust Collection System,Airborne seasoning dust creates a hazardous work environment, product cross-contamination, and a sanitation nightmare. Eliminate these problems with our new Modular Dust Collection (MDC) units. Compared to whole-room dust collection systems, MDCs cost about 40% less and can cut energy usage by up to 30%.  More

Economical batch fryer makes high quality chips
Get many of the features of our high-end batch fryers in economy models that produce 200 or 300 finished pounds/hour of uniform potato chips. Our Mastermatic Longitudinal Direct Kettle Fryer (LDKF) has a versatile and responsive temperature profile, PLC controls for repeatable quality, a Chip-Stirr automatic slice agitating system, automatic oil level control, and a full-coverage hood to improve safety, energy efficiency, and oil quality.  More

Multi-spectrum metal detection
If you used only one of your five senses at a time imagine how much you'd miss! Unfortunately, that's how 3-frequency metal detectors work. Luckily we offer the world's only metal detector that simultaneously uses a broad spectrum of frequencies: the CEIA MS-21. It achieves the most sensitive detection of all metals without the waste and delay of product effect errors!  More

Fast tray sealing takes less space
Ishida's latest split dual-lane tray sealer takes 50% less floor space than two single lane machines. Seal different trays at different speeds on each lane and achieve speeds up to 15 cycles per second with modified atmosphere packaging.  More

Versatile centrifugal coating application
Uniformly coat virtually any tree nut, seed, coffee bean, and many other products with Spray Dynamics' latest Centrifugal Coating System. Apply dough and Tamari coatings, topical oil and dry seasonings, and other flavorings. Choose sizes available for a wide range of capacities, including three new production models and a Centrifugal Coater designed for lab and R&D applications.  More


Smart engineering controls equipment costs.

Engineering includes more than heat load calculations, and structural design at Heat and Control. Our engineers work to keep equipment affordable despite ever-rising costs for material and components.

Our latest modular designs utilize the benefits of modern machining and cutting tools to greatly reduce material waste and assembly costs.

Consider our Corn Products Fryer. Not so long ago, it was assembled from a multitude of individual parts. The fryer pan, supporting side channels, expansion joints, and framework were separate pieces precisely fitted and welded together.

Today, the same fryer is created from about half the parts. Our laser and water jet cutters produce one-piece integrated pan and side frame sections that provide superior resistance to thermal distortion. Simple formed sheet metal legs provide rigid, easy-to-clean support for the fryer, hood hoists, motors, and drive components.

From platforms to conveyors, smart engineering delivers the best performance and value Heat and Control has ever offered…and the best just keeps getting better!

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