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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2012  Issue 37

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Cool oil quickly to heat up profit

Oil Cooler Module
Chicken, roasting peanuts, tortilla chips coming from fryer
How much profit could you earn from one extra hour of fryer production each day? Our Oil Cooler Module provides the answer by cutting up to an hour off the wait between production and sanitation for almost any fryer.

Before a fryer can be cleaned, its oil should be cooled to under 250°F (121°C). Oil can then be safely drained without causing 'thermal shock' damage to the fryer. The delay for oil cooling normally takes 1˝ to 2 hours. But using our Oil Cooler Module will reduce that cooling time to less than 30 minutes. This enables you to continue production for an extra hour or longer before sanitation. Quickly cooling cooking oil also reduces the damaging effects of oxidation and prolongs oil quality.

The Oil Cooler Module takes little floor space and can be installed on most existing fryer systems. Built to USDA sanitary guidelines, the module includes a cooler, pumps, valves, piping, and controls. All components are pre-plumbed, wired, and mounted on a stainless steel drip pan skid and ready for operation. So chill out and make money in the process with our Oil Cooler Module!  More

Inventure Foods satisfies the demand for healthy snacks with new seasoning and packaging technology
Exploding sales of kettle style potato chips were turning up the heat at Inventure Foods.

Operating at 90% capacity, Inventure's Goodyear, Arizona plant quickly needed to boost production when sales of its Boulder Canyon brand natural style kettle chips grew 30% as supermarket chains introduced the product nationally.

Brian Foster, Senior VP of Operations at Inventure, says the company quickly responded by renovating the 60,000 sq. ft. plant, adding six new kettle chip batch fryers, and installing a revolutionary product handling, seasoning, and packaging line from Heat and Control.

Unlike the traditional practice of seasoning chips as they leave the fryers, Inventure chose to apply flavors at the point of packaging. This requires the intermittent flow of chips from the batch fryers to be converted into a steady supply. A SwitchBack conveyor accomplishes this by accumulating fryer output and releasing the chips in a consistent flow to a FastBack Revolution distribution system.

With its patented cylindrical distribution gate, Revolution meters proportional quantities of chips to each seasoning/weighing/bagging station. Controlled by the bagmaker it supplies, each Revolution gate supplies a steady flow of chips. This eliminates inefficient stop-start operation of weighers and bagmakers and boosts productivity.

"The increased capacity the new line delivers enables us to be more flexible in scheduling production to meet demand and to balance our inventories in a more efficient manner to service our customers", explains Foster.

Inventure achieved further savings with Heat and Control's Revolution On-Machine Seasoning system. Load cells measure the flow of chips to determine the exact amount of seasoning to be applied. A different seasoning is applied at each packaging station.

"The Revolution gate system offers gentle product handling unseen in our current equipment, and the FastBack seasoning system is also much easier to clean and maintain".
—Brian Foster, Senior VP of Operations
Ishida Atlas 233 vertical form-fill-seal bagmkersCross contamination issues are eliminated. And the time and costs of changeovers and sanitation have been greatly reduced.

After seasoning, chips are deposited onto Ishida CCW-R-214 weighers that are direct-mounted to Ishida Atlas 233 vertical form-fill-seal bagmakers. A step up from traditional intermittent bagmakers, the continuous rotary motion Atlas 233 bagger is an economical solution that is perfectly matched for products running in the 80-120 bpm range. It's easy to operate, delivers efficient production, and is a great value proposition.

"We find our new equipment affords much greater flexibility to meet our needs", adds Inventure's Brian Foster. "The investment has provided gentler product handling, faster changeovers, and efficient sanitation by design", he concludes.

"Heat and Control offered delivery times needed to meet our schedule. From the project design phase through vendor selection and installation, Heat and Control stood out with the level of service and dedication to understanding and meeting our needs", says Foster. "Other vendors offered equipment solutions but Heat and Control offered a total package solution. Their commitment to customer service was outstanding including several things Heat and Control did at their own expense to ensure our target deadlines were met".

Packaging platform with FastBack Conveyors, Revolution gate systems and On-machine seasoning systems

Partners in packaging for over 30 years…
and still counting!
Heat and Control, and Ishida Logos
Next time you watch rows of Ishida multihead scales accurately weighing foods day-after-day without fail, think back to the 1970’s and early ‘80’s. Remember how bulk-and-dribble scales, manual adjustment of package weights, and always-overweight bags were the norm?

Then Ishida invented the computer combination weigher. Seeing this unique weigher operating at a food plant in Japan, Heat and Control recognized the value it could provide to our customers. Partnering with Ishida in 1980, we introduced the first Ishida weighers to the Americas. Ishida’s continuous improvement of weighing technology combined with Heat and Control’s ongoing expansion of weigher support services ultimately revolutionized how America (and the world) weighs!

Today, with Ishida, Heat and Control supports a global customer base with the best in weighing technology. Ishida scales are now used by more companies for more product applications than any other brand. Ishida also builds a complete range of packaging and inspection equipment to compliment its weighers, including vertical form-fill-seal bagmakers for snacks, checkweighers, X-ray inspection systems, case packers, bag seal checkers, strip-pack bag applicators, and network control systems.

Heat and Control continues to expand its services for Ishida weighers and packaging equipment to meet the individualized needs of the food and non-food packaging markets. Our demonstration centers in California and Pennsylvania support customers with pre-sale product tests of Ishida weighing, packaging and inspection equipment. Heat and Control engineers can assist you with integration of Ishida equipment, line layouts, control and information management systems, and platform design and fabrication. And our parts, service, and training centers located on both coasts support every model of Ishida equipment Heat and Control has sold since the very first weigher in 1980!
Since inventing computer combination weighing, Ishida continues to introduce new technology for weighing, inspection, and packaging.
Heat and Control continues to support every Ishida product we sell!
Left to right: World's first computer combination weigher, Ishida CCW-R-218WB-OV weigher, Ishida DACS-G checkweigher, Ishida IX-GA series X-ray inspection system, Ishida Atlas snack bagmaker

Precise, versatile product blending conveyor

FastBack LogoWhat do Lucky Charms cereal, trail mix, and frozen stir-fry blends have in common? All are examples of how creative combinations of different food ingredients can produce new, hot-selling products.

Now you can accurately mix up to ten ingredients, apply flavorings, and maintain the blend all the way to packaging. Our FastBack blending conveyor system is ideal for producing consistently accurate blends of snack, candy, nut, cereal, cracker, meat, vegetable, or frozen foods. Individual feed modules deposit precise amounts of each ingredient into a FastBack pre-blending conveyor. Load cells measure the quantity of each ingredient to maintain blend accuracy better than 1.5% per constituent, depending on the product. Ingredients are then gently mixed in a tumble drum integrated into the pan of the FastBack conveyor. An applicator is available for adding seasonings, anti-stick agents, or other powder coatings.

Gentle FastBack horizontal motion conveying prevents separation and layering of the blended ingredients en route to packaging. That's because FastBack conveys product by sliding it along the pan rather than by bouncing, as with a vibratory conveyor. In addition to maintaining blend integrity, FastBack conveying dramatically reduces product breakage and the loss of coatings.

In fact, coatings do not build up in the conveyor pan, eliminating interruptions in production and costly unscheduled downtime for pan cleaning. Blending system functions are controlled from a single menu-driven touch screen. Recipe settings for up to 50 products can easily be accessed for fast changeovers and repeatable blend accuracy. Conveyor speed, blend ratios, seasoning application, and recipe selection are so easy-to-use, the FastBack blending system will make any operator an expert mix master.

Designed to grow with your business, the blending system can be expanded by adding up to ten ingredient feed modules and a longer blending pan. FastBack blending conveyor systemEach blending module features a compact FastBack 90E conveyor with a built-in product supply hopper and adjustable discharge gate. Individual FastBack conveyors and the Revolution proportional distribution system are available to transport your product blends to packaging. And with FastBacks, you don't need to scrap the conveyors when line layouts change. All FastBack E-drives can be reused with different pans to adapt to future line changes.  More


When it comes to evaluating heat exchanger efficiency,
be sure you compare apples to apples.

Gross or Net?
What is the true measure of heat exchanger efficiency?

Heat and Control uses gross efficiency as a real-world measure of the heat transfer efficiency of our cooking oil heat exchangers. Gross values include one very important item not included in net efficiency values: The amount of energy required to vaporize water contained in the products of combustion.

This may seem insignificant, but vaporizing water reduces the energy available to heat cooking oil by about 10%. So a seemingly high net efficiency of 80% looks good on paper. But in day-to-day operation it only delivers 70% gross efficiency.

Be sure to get your money’s worth when comparing heat exchanger efficiency. Compare gross to gross values for the true story on efficiency.

KleenHeat Heat Exchanger
Our High-Efficiency KleenHeat heat exchanger operates at
83.6% gross thermal efficiency and reduces emissions of
air pollutants!   More

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