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"Heat and Control's pilot plant technologist was extremely knowledgeable about frying processes, which very quickly helped us dial in the roast and color qualities we were looking for."
—Matt Spence
Operations Manager, Kar Nut
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2012  Issue 36

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Better Made Appetizers Snack Foods made better!

Better Made Snack Foods' formula for success is simple: Deliver the highest product quality. Growing demand recently prompted Better Made to find a better way to season and package their potato chips and sticks.

Better Made Logo"We conducted our own industry survey and Heat and Control was the company others kept recommending," says Mike Schena, president and COO at Better Made. "Heat and Control's FastBack and Ishida system was the best choice because of its efficiency and product delivery without broken chips," notes Schena.

To achieve the highest quality and productivity for Better Made, the new seasoning and packaging equipment was designed to perform as a single system. Four integrated Ishida weigher/bagmakers, FastBack on-machine seasoning applicators, and FastBack Revolution gate distribution conveyors are all installed on a modular Rapid Deployment packaging platform with an ITM-Plant iT control and manufacturing execution system (MES) that manages operation of the entire line in real time.

Ishida ITPS weigher/bagmakers at Better Made plantProduct demands of each weigher/bagmaker are communicated to the FastBack conveyors and Revolution distribution gates through a sophisticated Revolution DF Control system.

This ensures each weigher/bagmaker never has to wait for product. The line runs continuously for up to 10 minutes without stopping and starting, delivering uniform seasoning coverage and very accurate bag weights. Better Made has discovered that longer runs also improve operating effectiveness in other ways, as they can now run the same product fewer times each week to meet orders.

"Seasoning coverage is perfect. The chips look good. There are no broken chips. And the delivery system is excellent," explains Schena. A different flavor can be applied at each of Better Made's four weigher/bagmakers.
"The new Ishida weighers and bagmakers have increased
packaging capacity by 40%. Bag seals are always perfect."
— Mike Schena, president and COO of Better Made

Schena notes the new Ishida weighers and bagmakers have increased packaging capacity by 40%. "We were blown away by how many cases we're packing. Bag seals are always perfect. We now run 90-100 bags per minute with only two operators handling four bagmakers. With our old equipment, it took four operators and we could only make 60 bags/minute."
Packaging / Seasoning line

The system is simple to change over, clean, and operate. Heat and Control's ITM-Plant iT software package provides pre-loaded control code, OIT code, and MES services. "The system allows us to monitor line performance and make adjustments in real-time," says Schena. "It helps us get it right without guessing."

"Quality and speed. Savings on spice, product, and film. Add in the improvement in product quality and the system is a home run," concludes Schena. "Even our operators are thrilled. It actually saves them work!"

"Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations," says Schena. "In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!"

Ishida X-ray: discover more than meets the eye!

Detect product
in a package seal
Detect product in a package seal
Detect incorrect product weight and missing pieces.
Detect incorrect product weight and
missing pieces
Detect defective product
Detect defective product
Detect cracks and other damage
Detect cracks and other damage
Detect cracks
You probably already know that X-ray inspection accurately detects bone, metal, plastic, and other foreign objects. But did you know that Ishida X-ray technology can further enhance your product safety and risk management programs by detecting imperfections unrelated to contamination?

Check Product Integrity
Identify and reject packages with broken, cracked, and missing product pieces. Ishida X-ray helps protect your product's reputation and maintain customer satisfaction by checking almost any food or non-food item for inconsistencies before they reach your customers.

Check Package Quality
Product caught in a seal area during packaging looks bad. It can also compromise the air-tightness of a package and freshness of food products. Ishida X-ray imaging identifies packaging problems and keeps bad packages out of the distribution cycle to protect product quality and reduce liability issues.

Check Product Weight
Take advantage of Ishida X-ray technology to verify that your product's weight and size meets specifications. Ishida's weight estimation function calculates the correct product weight so out-of-spec products can be removed from the line.

To help you decide if X-ray is right for your company, view Ishida's white paper titled "Do I need X-ray inspection?" or contact us for an Ishida X-ray demonstration today.
More info on Ishida X-ray systems

Spray Dynamics joins Heat and Control

Spray Dynamics Slurry spray heades

Continuing our commitment to providing complete single-source support, and to expand our selection of coating systems and seasoning applicators, Heat and Control has purchased Spray Dynamics, Ltd. Since its founding in 1952, Spray Dynamics has become a leading innovator of equipment for the controlled application of liquid and dry ingredients. Based in St. Clair, MO, the company builds applicators for oils, seasonings, vitamins, tack and release agents, chocolate, yogurt and candy coatings, anti-oxidants, polishing wax, and anti-clumping agents.

The Spray Dynamics line will enhance the versatility of our FastBack on-machine seasoning systems and individual in-kitchen flavoring applicators. Most important, it will give our customers a greater choice of coating systems to meet individual product requirements.Spray Dynamics Logo With Spray Dynamics, we now offer a complete line of equipment and technical services covering every aspect of coating. Considering our combined longevity and expertise, food processors can feel confident we will continue to provide them with the most efficient equipment and best technical support possible.

Appetizers Heat and Control Fryer
More Fryer innovations

R&D never sleeps at Heat and Control. To help the industry increase productivity, we have developed and have patents pending on a variety of new fryers.
  • Vacuum Fryer
    Frying in a near oxygen-free atmosphere allows use of a lower oil temperature than in traditional fryers. Now you can fry high sugar content potatoes, yams, apples, onions, sweet peas, carrots, and even pineapple with no adverse color development. It can also fry prepared foods. Our new design also reduces the space and maintenance required by other vacuum fryers.
  • UpFlow Fryer
    Vertical oil flow cooks french fries uniformly, even in thick product packs. Fries are separated for even exposure to oil and unrestricted release of moisture to prevent steam pockets.
  • Universal Product Cooker (UPC)
    Continuously produce any style of batch and traditional potato chips with no slice washing. Versatile UPC also fries banana, taro, and multi-grain chips, pellets, extruded products, and other snacks.  More   VideoVideos
  • Dynamic Action Fryer
    Variable motion paddles let you continuously fry potato chips with no washing. Use this same economical, compact fryer for corn chips, pellets, and extruded snacks.
  • MasterTherm Kettle Fryer
    Thermal fluid uniformly heats oil for production of up to 500 pounds per hour of finished batch fried potato chips of almost any style.  More


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