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"The Heat and Control engineering team has done an outstanding job in providing quick and accurate answers to any questions we've had about the installation, and they have solved design problems that other vendors have been unable to provide."
—David Mostert
Managing Director, The Pretzel Company,
Cape Town, South Africa
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2011  Issue 35

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Count on Ishida

Reliably fill packages by count or verify the count of a packaged product.

Count Filling
Ishida CCW-GS multihead weigherMany products are better suited for sale as a specified number of pieces per package, rather than by weight alone.

When you think of the extraordinary variety of products that fit this marketing scheme, keep in mind that many of them are being handled by Ishida multihead weighers:
  • Gift wrap bows
  • Frozen chicken parts
  • Candy bars
  • Frozen snack rolls
  • Ice cream bars
  • Electrical connectors
  • Tobacco pouches

Ishida DACS-G checkweigherFor such products with a consistent individual piece weight, Ishida's count priority software provides the versatility for accurate high-speed packaging in either weight or count mode, and is available for retrofit to most existing Ishida weighers.

Count Verification
Verifying a proper count within a package or case prior to distribution prevents consumer complaints about shortages, and eliminates expensive giveaway of product.

Ishida DACS checkweighers are reliably inspecting the accuracy of upstream filling and casepacking of such diverse products as: Pills on a blister pack

  • Newspapers
  • Bags of bagels
  • Cartons of donuts
  • Bottles of water
  • Pills on a blister pack
  • Compact discs
  • Stacks of tortillas

Whether you're filling or inspecting a product count, you can rely on the accuracy and efficiency of Ishida weighers and checkweighers.
More Info on Ishida Weighers
More Info on Ishida Checkweighers

Weigh the benefits with Ishida

IshidaWhile other suppliers treat weighers like commodities, weighing is pure technology at Ishida. The inventor of multihead weighing, Ishida, with Heat and Control, offers more weigher models, more accuracy features, and more product experience than any other supplier. Whether you're looking for an entry-level unit at an economical price, or need a high-speed system for maximum productivity, there's an Ishida scale to meet your production and budget requirements. And if you think your product may be too difficult for an automatic weigher to handle, ask us if we can help! Ishida weigher innovations revolutionized the food packaging industry. And we're continuing to develop specialized scale designs for our customers, including these two recent models:

USDA Dairy Weigher for cheeseUSDA Dairy Weigher
Ishida's USDA Dairy-accepted weighers meet or exceed the department's stringent criteria for operation in plants surveyed and approved for USDA grading services. Ideal for packaging cheese, other dairy and meat products, these weighers have undergone months of intensive evaluation to gain approval for their ultra-sanitary and easy-to-clean construction.

Available in 14 and 24-head models, USDA Dairy weighers reduce product giveaway to near-zero at speeds up to 140 wpm.  More Info   VideoVideos

Sticky Products Weigher - Screw Feeder close-up
Sticky Products Weigher

These sanitary conveyors facilitate loading and arranging of product in trays, cartons and other containers. Incline belt conveyors Modular construction with fold-open side guides and catch pans, clean-in-place sprays, and a variety of belt styles make these conveyors versatile and easy to clean.

Twin screw feeders keep sticky products moving for fast, accurate weighing.  More Info   VideoVideos

What do you get with an Ishida weigher?

  • Cost savings from the lowest possible product giveaway.
  • Labor savings from maximum operating effi ciencies and reduced downtime.
  • First-class project management that minimizes your installation time and costs.
  • Unbeatable technical and parts support services after installation to insure that your weigher continues to operate at its best.

Fry more in your existing line space

Fried Chicken on Breaded Product Fryer beltReplace your existing direct-heated fryer with a Breaded Products Fryer to get higher production in the same fryer space or less.

How do you boost production of fried prepared foods without using more fryer floor space? "Lots of processors are asking that question because their existing direct-heated fryers can no longer keep up with demand," says Doug Kozenski, Sales Manager for prepared food processing systems.

While direct-heated fryers are excellent tools for fixed-capacity production, they halt your income potential when it comes to growth. Production output is limited by the heat transfer elements that will fit into the fryer pan. "You simply can't boost production without increasing the size of a direct-heated fryer," explains Kozenski. And that's a problem when a larger fryer won't fit in the existing line space. "It's a serious growth bottleneck," says Kozenski, "but there is a solution: Replace your existing direct-heated fryer with our Breaded Products Fryer."

The BPF delivers higher output in the same or less fryer floor space than an existing direct-heated fryer. That's because cooking oil is heated outside the fryer using an external heat exchanger. The fryer and heat exchanger are sized separately for present and future production requirements. Product throughput and belt loading determine the fryer size. And the heat exchanger size is dictated by the product heat load. A direct-heated fryer's heat load cannot be sized separately so processors often buy a larger fryer than needed simply to get enough heat to meet production demands.
Breaded Product Fryer illustration
The BPF offers several advantages over existing direct-heated fryers:
  • Lower system oil volume
  • Faster oil turnover
  • Dual oil filtration
  • Simple sanitation
  • Frying versatility
And don't think the BPF fries only breaded foods. Adjustable oil flow, temperature, and product dwell time make it ideal for coated and uncoated seafood, poultry, meats, vegetables, and many other prepared foods such as egg rolls, meatballs, and pizza rolls. Boost fryer production without taking more fryer floor space by using our Breaded Products Fryer. Contact us today for a quotation!  More on the Breaded Product Fryer   VideoVideos

Drive plant control and process management from
one platform

Now you can have line control and information in one simple system. Information That Matters-Plant iTTM combines real-time control of plant equipment with essential manufacturing execution system (MES) capabilities to maximize efficiency in both start-up and on-going operations.

ITM-Plant iT uses one simple software strategy to drive plant floor control and MES processes, such as material tracking and order management with a single platform. Traditional MES solutions are typically layered on top of control systems and require numerous software packages and servers. Such complicated systems frequently create start-up nightmares, high software maintenance costs, and unexpected production shut-downs.

ITM-Plant iT avoids these problems by utilizing an "object oriented" model for controls. It contains the equipment control, equipment visualization, and all the information required to feed the integrated MES solutions. With the right information organized into a real-time plant model, the MES functions help plant operations personnel direct order management, track material flows, monitor key performance metrics, and make well-informed decisions to achieve better uptime while reducing costs by improving overall production efficiencies.

Only ITM-Plant iT gives you these features:

  • Operates on Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Mitsubishi PLC platforms.
  • MES functions and process-specific libraries are already created, validated, and embedded to reduce configuration and start-up delays.
  • Scalable for a single PC up to high availability and multi-server systems.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Based on standard Microsoft software (SQL, Office, etc.).
  • No need for additional systems and interfaces.
  • Built-in diagnostics and auditing simplify problem solving.
  • Supports virtualization and redundant servers.

CEIA 'nose' metal detection!

Conventional Metal Detectors
With more detection frequency 'noses' on the job, the multi-spectrum CEIA MS21 provides the world’s most sensitive metal detection without product effect errors.
Conventional metal detectors
CEIA MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector
CEIA metal detectors - logo
Product effect can make a liar out of all metal detectors except one:
The multi-spectrum CEIA THS-MS21.

Moisture and salt content, variations in product and ambient air temperatures, and other product effect conditions produce false detection signals that fool conventional metal detectors into rejecting product when no metal contaminants exist. That's because other metal detectors - even three-frequency models – inspect products using only one frequency at a time. This often forces processors to reduce metal detection sensitivity to prevent excessive reject waste caused by product effect errors.

To solve these problems, CEIA SpA, the world's largest manufacturer of metal detectors, has developed technology that simultaneously uses a broad spectrum of inspection frequencies. Using multiple 'noses' enables the patent-pending CEIA MS21 to accurately see the difference between a metal particle and a specific product effect, making it ideal for fresh and frozen foods, and processors who inspect a variety of products. Product changeover is fast and accurate thanks to CEIA's unique Auto-Learn system that tracks product effect conditions and selects, displays, and stores the optimal sensitivity settings for up to 500 products. Single-button preview of detection settings, including the range of frequencies used, sensitivity level, metal type, and particle size, further reduces the chance of set-up errors.

CEIA MS21 models are available for conveyed, falling and pumped products. Features include:

  • IP69K rating, and a stainless steel case and keyboard, for superior washdown protection.
  • Moisture-resistant conformal coated circuit boards.
  • Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity for simplified programming and data collection.
  • Password access for up to 40 users.
  • HAACP and FDA Title 21 compliance for traceable event reporting and recording.

Improve your quality control with more metal detection 'noses'. Test your products on CEIA MS 21 systems at our demonstration centers today!  More Info

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