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"Heat and Control has been a great help during our expansion. They don't just supply the machinery, but also the service, technical support and commitment that let us produce the product our customers want."
—Leo Jimenez
owner of Leo's Foods
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2011  Issue 34

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Uniform impingement cooking increases safety & profits

As demand grows for higher production rates and a greater variety of fully cooked prepared foods, so does the concern over safety. Each and every piece of product must be fully cooked to ensure it is free of harmful micro-organisms. The speed and versatility of impingement ovens have helped processors meet these demands. Unfortunately, most ovens do not apply heat evenly, forcing processors to sacrifice yield for safety by "overcooking" to ensure all product reaches a safe core temperature.
Illustration of Airforce Plenums
Only AirForce has fans in plenums above and below the product for completely uniform cooking.

Heat and Control's AirForce is the only impingement oven that cooks uniformly across the entire product conveyor width. Air circulation fans located in plenums above and below the product belt develop completely uniform airflow to the product so each piece is cooked equally. Air velocities up to 9,000 fpm and precise control of temperature and moisture deliver short cook times, high yields, and excellent product browning.

PLC control provides ready access to multiple cooking recipes, ensuring repeatable settings, consistently uniform product, and fast changeovers. Oven cleaning, troubleshooting, and security levels are also controlled by the PLC.

Try using the AirForce oven at our Technical Centers. They are a great place to experiment with different cooking parameters. And we can combine the AirForce oven with our batter and breading applicators, fryers, flame searing, and grill mark branding equipment to give you greater production versatility and safety.  More Info   VideoVideos

The Winner: Best Supplier of Conveyors

More on our product handling equipment
RC AwardsHeat and Control has received Food Processing magazine's 2011 Reader's Choice award for being the best overall supplier of conveying equipment. It's not surprising since we design and build so many different conveyors specifically for the food industry. Our ongoing developments help processors of dry, fresh, and frozen foods improve productivity and reduce costs. Contact us for a demonstration of our latest conveyors today!

FastBack horizontal motion conveyors
Requiring no preventative maintenance, FastBack drives can be reused with different pans and carry a five-year warranty. Lightweight polyurethane covers are nearly indestructible and shed water. Our new ClimbBack pans even convey products up 8° inclines.
More Info   VideoVideos

Vibratory conveyors
Available with direct, indirect, or electromagnetic drives, and different pan configurations, these conveyors can be customized for spreading, de-watering, grading, alignment, bi-directional transfer, and other applications.   More Info   VideoVideos

Pack-off conveyors
These sanitary conveyors facilitate loading and arranging of product in trays, cartons and other containers. Incline belt conveyors Modular construction with fold-open side guides and catch pans, clean-in-place sprays, and a variety of belt styles make these conveyors versatile and easy to clean.   VideoVideos

Varilift bucket conveyors
One-piece, no-spill, anti-jam buckets eliminate unexpected downtime. S, C, or horizontal configurations are available with multiple infeed and discharge points. Accumulation conveyors Automatic belt, horizontal motion, and cascading designs reduce product breakage and maintain a steady flow of product from processing to packaging.   More Info

Distribution systems
Revolution rotary gates guarantee accurate and uninterrupted product delivery to multiple packaging lines– even to last-in-line locations– for any package size.  More Info   VideoVideos

Platform systems
Rapid Deployment or AMI sanitary platform systems support conveyors, weighers, and other equipment without restricting movement at ground level.   More Info   VideoVideos

New high capacity kettle chip fryer

MasterTherm Fryer batch frying potato chipsConsistently produce up to 500 finished pounds per hour of batch fried potato chips of almost any style with our new MasterTherm kettle Fryer (MTKF).

Cooking oil is heated gently and uniformly throughout the fryer by a thermal fluid heat exchanger which is immersed in the oil. Generous spacing between the heating tubes facilitates cleaning and eliminates areas where fines can accumulate. Each tube expands independently, greatly reducing damage caused by thermal stress. Tubes are electro-polished to simplify cleaning.

A full-length hood covers the kettle for safety and additional benefits: Heat is retained for high energy efficiency; steam blanketing the oil purges oxygen to prolong oil life; exhaust volume is far less than fryers using area hoods; a clean-in-place system reduces sanitation labor. An Oil Mist Eliminator is included to remove oil droplets from exhaust emissions.

Our proven screw jack hoist system safely raises the hood and heat exchanger for complete access inside the fryer. Potato slices are automatically agitated and removed from the fryer by our reliable Chip-Stirr paddle system. PLC control maintains a consistent temperature profile from batch to batch, and stores multiple product profiles for quick changeovers and repeatable product quality.

Single and multiple MKTF fryers are available with potato unloading, storage, washing, and peeling equipment, slice feeders, de-oiling centrifuges, seasoning applicators, conveying, inspection and packaging systems.   More Info   

C.J. Vitner boosts productivity 20% with new Ishida bagmakers!

Vitners, The Chicago Style Snacks Packaging over 2.5 million bags of snacks every week, C.J. Vitner Co. planned to increase efficiency of its busy packaging lines by replacing some of its older model bagmakers.

"In 2010 we purchased eight Ishida Atlas-222 baggers because of their proven capability and strong customer support from Heat and Control," explained Jerry Macrito, VP of Manufacturing. C.J. Vitner manufactures potato, corn, and tortilla chips, popcorn, and extruded snacks under the Vitner brand and for private label customers at their 135,000 sq. foot manufacturing plant in Freeport, IL.

Ishida Atlas Snack Bagmakers at Vitner's Snacks"The Atlas-222 baggers have helped us gain an average increase of 20% in productivity," says Macrito. "We have seen less downtime with an increase in speed and efficiencies." C.J. Vitner produces a variety of bag sizes, from 1/2 ounce up to 12 ounces, in polypropylene and foil films. Although packaging speeds with the Atlas baggers are now faster, Macrito says average product over-fill has been kept to less than 1 gram beyond declared weight. "Regardless of the product density, the baggers have performed favorably: scrap is less than 1% with film yields improving by 6%," says Macrito.

Capable of speeds up to 250 bags/minute, the Ishida Atlas-222 features unique rotary motion sealing jaws that produce tight end seals with all snack bag films. Back sealing is synchronized with film speed to create wrinkle-free vertical seals. Precise film tension, which is critical to trouble-free high-speed operation, is maintained using Ishida's real-time load cell tensioning system. To prevent product from entering seals, Atlas uses a unique stripping and bag inflating system. All functions are controlled from a simple color touch screen. "The user-friendly program and easy-to-read display have proven to make this an easy operation for our machine operators," says Macrito. "One operator is now able to run three baggers at once without reducing productivity."

"Installation and start-up was faster than we expected. The actual installation only took one day," notes Macrito. "Heat and Control was always available to answer questions and lend support if needed," he adds. All things considered, the new Ishida Atlas-222 bagmakers have improved packaging efficiency so well for C.J. Vitner, concludes Macrito, "they will completely pay for themselves in less than three years." More info   VideoVideos

Bagmaker knife warranty
Ishida Atlas Snack Bagmaker ceramic anvil knifeIshida Atlas-222 snack bagmakers introduce cutting edge packaging firsts: An efficient, durable ceramic anvil knife covered by a 3-year warranty.    
Reliable FastBacks
Water jet precision FastBack horizontal motion conveyor drives are covered by a 5-year warranty. Plus they require no preventative maintenance. For details, visit our FastBack Horizontal Motion Conveyor web page.
Water jet precision;
Our new FLOW Waterjet cutter uses a computer-controlled 60,000 PSI stream of water to produce intricate sheet metal parts, accurate to .001". Along with our argon laser cutters, it improves manufacturing precision and reduces metal waste.

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